What’s in season – December

Despite all the snow, I know that our local producers are doing their best to bring you the finest produce. Just promise me you’ll buy as much locally as possible?

Meat and fish

Beef, duck, king scallops, oysters, skate, turbot, wild venison, pheasant, haddock, mussels, veal, chicken, turkey, goose

How did they do that? - Christmas apples

How did they do that? – Christmas apples*

Fruit and vegetables

Thank to Archie at Earthy Foods and goods for this lovely round up (opening hours at the foot of the page):

This is our 3rd Christmas and it is shaping up to be our best yet. With current unstable weather now is the perfect time to go local – while supermarkets shelves lay empty last week we didn’t miss a single delivery of the basics fruit and veg, milk and bread… more snow is forecast for the weekend. It’s well worth putting an order in for a veg box which you can pick up on 23rd or 24th December

Right now the following are bang in season in Scotland:

Brussels Sprouts – Ours are grown organically in East Lothian.
Do buy the whole stalk, not only is fun snip them off, the sprouts are fresher and the top, which looks exactly like a little cabbage, can be treated like one. In fact replacing Savoy cabbage with Brussels sprouts and  tops in a classic creamed cabbage is the sure fire way to convert even the most dedicated sprout hater (that’s me then – EF)

Firm Cabbages (Red, White, January King etc) – Again organically in East Lothian
Think winter slaws (Ottolenghi does some amazing ones), soups, creamy sides and using as edible serving plates as in one of my favourite South East Asian dishes, Laab (a spicy pork salad)

Beetroot, Carrots, Leeks, Kale  and Cauliflower, Maincrop potatoes, Parsnips – Organic, East Lothian


Look out for Cavolo Nero, an Italian variety that wilts beautifully, while rougher varieties like red and green kale go great with potatoes in dishes like colcannon

Quince – Unsprayed, Edinburgh
Technically now probably one month past prime season (they should be harvest as close to the first big storm of the year as possible), stored correctly they keep incredibly well and make such a good partner to cheeseboards, venison or poached whole as a desert.

Turnips and Swede

If we broaden out to England, you get:

Cobnuts – Unsprayed, Kent
Kent’s unique version of the hazelnut it is a Christmas must

Apples – Organic, England
Russets and Falstaff are our current favourites, but we have 3 or 4 varieties in at any one time

Salsify – Organic, England
One of my absolute favourite veggies, hard work, but the incredible, delicate oyster-y flavour makes it wonderful in a roast veg medley, rumbledethump (which should be made for the name alone) or worked through stews.

Squash – Organic, England
Harlequins may be the prettiest veg in the world and look phenomenal cut into wedges and roasted skin and all. Rolet (cannonball) and Red Onion squash both look good in their own right and partner brilliantly with sage.

Fruit from abroad



At this time of year, we’re reliant on some goods from abroad and for fruits we can’t grow here. Which countries will the best produce come from?

Apples – I am loath to promote apples from overseas, but was rather taken by the ones above. Have a look at how Campbell’s achieve the Christmas label (thanks to MisRAble for the link)

Lemons – look for Spanish or Turkish

Oranges – Morocco, Spain, Greece – Did you know that the clementines with leaves are supposed to be the best?

Red grapes – Chile, Argentina, California

Green grapes – Chile, South Africa

Cranberries – USA – well worth popping some in the freezer to use later in the year.


Earthy should have bountiful supplies right up until Christmas eve at 5pm. Open 7 days a week 9-7 weekdays, 9-6 on Saturday and 10-6 on Sunday. Our Christmas hours:

Christmas week:  Monday-Wednesday, as normal. Thursday 23rd December: 8am-7pm; Friday 24th (Christmas Eve): 8am-5pm. Closed Christmas and Boxing Day

New Year week:- Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th: 10am-5pm; Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th: 9am-7pm; Friday 31st (Hogmanay): 9am-5pm. Closed New Year’s Day and 2nd January. Monday, 3rd January 10am-5pm. Tuesday 4th onwards, as normal.

Twitter: @earthyfoods

Earthy Food Market
33-41 Ratcliffe Terrace
Edinburgh EH9 1SX

1-6 Canonmills Bridge
0131 556 9696

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