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A while back, I had an email from a Chinese restaurant on Dalry Road saying we should come in and review them. We didn’t manage to arrange a date then and I forgot all about it. Occasionally, I’ll walk past. It’s either dead or full: it’s a tiny place with no more than twelve seats. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I went.

Seafood with cashew nuts. Yummy!

Seafood with cashew nuts. Yummy!

Some things happened: I spoke to Kerry who asked me if I’d been to B & D’s Kitchen. She had and really enjoyed it. Then another friend of mine told me she was moving and would really miss the Chinese restaurant on her block, B&D’s Kitchen. I was intrigued. So Christopher and I went and enjoyed our dinner. Then, after a long, lazy Saturday about town, we took a friend there for dinner.


At my first visit, I had the vegetable sweet and sour soup. It was delicate and full of veg, starch thickened just the way I like it. The second time I went I had the dumplings. They were really good. The dough was chew and well-flavoured, perfectly fried. The veggie innards were lovely. I love a good dumpling and this was a good dumpling.

Christopher had the coriander won tuns both times. Try them: they are great. All crispy pastry and green coriander centre.

Veggie hot and sour soup. Much better than any hot and sour I've had.

Veggie hot and sour soup. Much better than any hot and sour I’ve had.

Our friend tried the vegetable spring rolls. More crunchy pastry and tasty vegetable insides. They come either as large or mini. She tried the minis. I only have the Chinese next to us to compare to but B & D’s was much better.


There are two menus at B&D’s. The special one needs 24-48 hours warning (this is where you’ll find the lobster, duck, scallops and oysters. We haven’t eaten from that menu yet – though there are several dishes that look fab (spicy cured fish and aubergine meat pot, anyone? oysters with ginger and spring onions?).

This time, I had seafood with cashew nuts. Plump mussels, squid and prawns in a lovely sauce with crunchy cashew nuts and vegetables. It was clean, delicious. The kind of dish that makes you feel very good about what you’re eating. We shared boiled rice. Christopher went with his favourite: salt and chilli tofu. Salty and hot, deep fried tofu is a dry dish but it’s C’s favourite by far. We keep forgetting to get a wet side – Chinese veg maybe – to go with it.

Coriander won tuns. Instant fave.

Coriander won tuns. Instant fave.

The first time we went, I had the hot sand lamb. The hot sand – finely chopped, deep fried garlic – was a thick orange layer of top of crispy-fried lamb. It was delicious but very, very filling. Instant food coma.

A local delight

What I like about B & D’s Kitchen is that it is tiny, it’s BYOB and it feels authentic. We’ve always been able to get a table and are delighted that they also do take away. We’re happy to have found a new local, a restaurant we like. It’s not expensive, the service during the week is prompt (it slows down a little at the weekend as the take-away orders stack up).

B & D’s Kitchen

214 Dalry Road
Edinburgh EH11 2ES

Telephone: 0131 261 9248

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  1. Glad you liked it as much as I did. I can’t wait to go back.

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