Time for pancakes?

Blueberry pancakes

It is fun getting ready for a holiday – especially when food is involved. So for our recent trip to Poland we just had to start the investigation by visiting a couple of our excellent Polish shops in Edinburgh. We soon discovered some excellent fresh bread – the rolls with…

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Béarnaise sauce – a love story


Some dishes find a special place in a country’s conscience. Béarnaise sauce has stuck in the Swedish one. A rich emulsion of butter and lemon flavoured with tarragon and sharpened with vinegar, béarnaise sauce is a great companion to red meat. In Sweden, my home country, it is ubiquitous. You find it on most restaurant menus,…

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Naked Wines Tasting

Don't they make a lovely couple?

I will either disappoint or re-assure but this is not a post about when I tasted wine naked. It is about when I went to a Naked Wines tasting and road show. I’m a Naked Wines angel which means that I give the wine seller Naked Wines some money every month. The money…

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