Fentiman Hollow’s Ginger Beer: quick tipples

I am a huge fan of Fentiman’s beverages. At the Speciality Food Show in Glasgow recently, I was very excited to see two new bottles on the Fentiman’s stand their new tonic (better than any other I have tasted) and Ginger Beer marketed under the name of John Hollows. Due to licencing laws, I was unable to sample the Ginger Beer at the show. But Andrew at  Vino Wines came to the rescue. I popped into their rather classy store in Morningside to pick up a bottle.

Real Ginger Beer

Real Ginger Beer

For those of you familiar with their beverages, many have quite a kick to them. I was expecting the same with the Hollows. However, it is altogether more subtle, very light, quite bubbly with a wonderful gingery taste.

Fentimans explain  “Unlike other so-called ginger beers, ours is the real thing. Using only the finest Chinese ginger root we botanically brew Hollows Superior Alcoholic Ginger Beer. There’s no wine, nuts, hops, malts or any other artificial nonsense. That’s why we call it a Superior Ginger Beer”.

Definitely one to go on my list! Thanks so much for Vino for sorting out the tasting. It’s also available at Earthy and hopefully more widely too!




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  4. I am seeing a resurgence in the popularity of an 18th century beverage ginger beer. The original version of ginger beer was actually an alcoholic beverage originating in England today really only available by the home brewer..Todays commercial brands are classified as soft drinks sodas containing less than a half percent of alcohol. Fentimans of the UK is a great example of a company that has been brewing ginger beer since the 1900s.

  5. Is Fentimans actually brewed using a ginger beer plant ( Saccharomyces florentinus & Lactobacillus hilgardii culture ) or just normal yeast?

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