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Chocolate Week 2011: I thought I’d try my hand at making some chocolates. It was fun, but sure does help you appreciated the experts!

Now you’ll have to forgive me, but my unsuccessful efforts to recreate one of the recipes in the Auberge du Chocolat’s book was not all my fault. Yes, I am going to blame my tools. I’ve a really ancient microwave and I’d decided to follow the instructions for microwave tempering. Trouble being I don’t actually have the low power setting required.  So no glossy outcome. The almond chocolate “tuiles” sure do taste good though!

If you just flicked through the book you might think “goodness, there’s no way can I recreate those”. But, I took some time and started reading through. I immediately warmed to instructions that included using children’s play moulds instead of expensive ones and using a microwave to temper the chocolate rather than the lengthier process. It’s very reasonably priced too at £8.50.

Chocolate Almond Tuiles

Chocolate Almond Tuiles

I appreciated the  recipes for dairy free chocolates and simpler ones for children to make and yummy sounding fruit pastes that you enrobe with chocolate.  I think it would be very easy to get just that little bit obsessed with trying out more and more different chocolates.

Making the almond “toffee” for the tuiles was supremely easy. I just managed to overheat the chocolate a little. One thing they don’t mention is you really do need to keep the chocolate warm as it is difficult to manipulate when it starts to cool.

So yes, it is Chocolate Week, but if you want to start thinking about making presents for Christmas this is ideal. You can get many of the ingredients and cases at your local supermarket or online at Squires.

Auberge du Chocolat – The Secrets of Fine Chocolate making.

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