What foodies really want for Christmas

Sometimes, when I am searching for that perfect Christmas present for someone, I get distracted. I see a foodie gadget, or cookbook , or whatever, and start thing I would really, really like one of those. Usually these are totally impractical. I’d need more space, a different lifestyle (Edinburgh really doesn’t lend itself to BBQs or to be very rich. But it doesn’t stop me dreaming.

So I asked fellow foodies to let their imaginations roam and if so inclined to include something more practical. I think you’ll find we’ve very fertile imaginations! And what does it tell you about ourselves? Rather a lot I think! Do join in, let your imagination run wild!



Shirley Spear, owner Three Chimneys Restaurant, Isle of Skye

Christmas in New York. A few days of decadence in a top hotel, window shopping & dinner with Al Pacino in his favourite Italian restaurant.

Georgia from Bake Nation

My Christmas Wish would be to have a weekly meat, fruit and vegetable box delivery. It would have a mixture of every day and unusual items so that each week was a surprise and you would get to explore different recipes.

Aoife from Jelly and Gin

I’m constantly making fantasy kitchen wishes! My current, ridiculously unattainable, kitchen wish is for Peugeot silver salt and pepper mills, at £175 each, I don’t think I’ll be getting them any time soon!

Larousse GastronomiqueMy practical-ish wish would be for a copy of  I feel I should have this in my kitchen library by now but never seem to remember to buy it!

Hannah Ewan from the Foodineer

I would love a new camera to improve my food photography. I’d also like a short course in food photography to go with it!

I’d like something with simple point-and-shoot capability, but also manual overrides so I can start learning about basic camera techniques – my camera at the moment means I have to rely on their custom settings, and it’s not great in low lighting. It’s so important to have good pictures on a blog, and it’s also nice to be able to show a restaurant’s food accurately – I don’t chefs to see their gorgeous creations ruined by a camera flash!

MJ one half of Lunchquest Edinburgh

I’d love a set of Le Creuset, a food processor, standing Kitchen Aid Mixer, and a Pizza Stone!

Nadine Pierce,  Eating Edinburgh

Money no object, I would love to do my own version of ‘The Grand Tour’ visiting every Michelin starred restaurant in the country, county by county, although I dread to think the size I’d be by the time my mission was complete! :o)

Ross Boyce, The Itinerant Appetite

Top of my foodie wish list would be:

A waterbath and vaccum sealer and
A Thermomix

But I already have both of those so:

Modernist cuisine
A copy of Modernist Cuisine – I’ve heard great things.. (now only £325 a copy!)
A Big Green Egg
A Bamix immersion blender
A dehydrator
A Pacojet
I’d also like an Isi whipper  to replace my old one
And most of the ingredients and tools available from the “cream supplies” website

Also a few tins of caviar and some fresh foie gras always goes down well, this list could go on and on.

Lee MacGregor – Lee MacGregor PR

I want to experience cooking in a way I never have before with the iconic Assistent AKM6120PP stand mixer, in a delightful baby pink finish!

Caroline from Edinburgh Foody

The perfect gift for me, any time of the year, is food. I’ve never visited a Michelin starred restaurant (gasp!) so a meal for two at one of the ones in London or Edinburgh would be very welcome. Cupboard fillers are also welcome: crispbread, truffles, truffle oil (which the Gorgie Sainsbury’s doesn’t carry), nice Italian pastas, nuts, raw and roasted, home made jams or chutneys.

Another thing that would be nice is a decent tablet, with a wall mount, for use in the kitchen. So many of the recipes I work from are online and it seems a shame to print them out when I can access and annotate them online.

And me?

I’d like to have a personal invitation from Thomas Keller to visit his suppliers then spend time in his kitchen at the French Laundry restaurant, then eat the tasting menu.  I’d then have lunch with Alice Waters of Chez Panisse and finish my trip with a stop off in Chicago to meet Grant Achatz and eat at his restaurant!

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