Quick Tipples: Summer in a Glass

Have you noticed how much easier it is to find interesting soft drinks these days? Gone are the times when all you could get was orange and lemonade or very small bottles of bland pineapple juice. If you go to the right places of course.

A Scottish soft drink

Raspberry Mint Sparkler

Raspberry Mint Sparkler

On one of those wonderful clear sunny days we sometimes get, I sat on the terrace at the Scottish Cafe enjoying lunch. I was also enjoying a beautifully fresh drink too. Imagine crushed raspberries and mint topped with sparkling mineral water. Fabulous!

You might not have thought of adding sparking water to a fruity mixture, but it is the perfect addition, it’s not sugar ridden like lemonade and it’s not as strong-tasting as tonic.

Jubilee Cocktails

Highland Spring recently sent me a lovely Jubilee surprise – the ingredients to make a Jubilee cocktail. What drew my eye was a tiny booklet full of mixtures they’ve come up with in conjunction with Bottlegreen. Imagine a Regal Refresher – ginger and lemongrass cordial, slices of cucumber, topped up with sparkling water. (The Scottish Cafe also have their version of this with elderflower cordial); or a Jubilee Fizz, elderflower cordial, lime juice, fresh mint leaves and sparking water.

Lime Soda

Lime Soda

Lime Soda

My final drink is one we learnt in Kerala. It’s so simple, but simply delicious. You find it almost everywhere you go, but it’s often not served with the ginger unless you ask for it specially, it is well worth it!

Take a long glass, squeeze the juice of one lime into the glass, add grated ginger (a slice about 1 cm thick) and top up with tonic. It fizzes amazingly when you add the ginger. You might think it would be too sour, but it magically goes together

In finishing, could someone please think of name other than Mocktails for a non-alcoholic drink. The name just doesn’t do them justice!

@Highland_Spring More mocktail recipes can be found on their website



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