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There's nothing to beat a good cup of tea

There’s nothing to beat a good cup of tea

We’ve been talking about coffee lately. Surely we’ve not lost our taste for tea? I was beginning to worry. During my recent extended stay in France I discovered that my favourite blend no longer tasted as good. I then bought what was supposed to be Earl Grey and there again the taste was again lacking. Was it the the different water or just the tea?

What would revive my taste buds dulled with coffee? I have been sampling some Dragonfly tea. There are 15 different speciality teas that fit in to black tea, green tea, herbal tea, and caffeine free categories. Tasting all of the teas I was struck how crisp and clean tasting they all are. Many are organic too.

I set out to find the perfect tea to enjoy during the day

Beautifully spiced tea

Beautifully spiced tea

For me 11 am is when I need a boost. The Indian Spice Chai tea was perfect. Rather than being too full-on as many chai teas are, the Dragonfly tea blend is rounded, spicy and warming. It doesn’t need milk but adding foamed milk you could turn it into a chai latte. I was duly revived

Rooibos with classic Earl Grey

Rooibos with classic Earl Grey

Having a snack for lunch. I decided to sup the Rooibos Earl Grey. The distinctive Rooibos taste is matched well with the Earl Grey flavouring. A great pairing with my sourdough sandwich with cheese and pickle. The tea is naturally caffeine free but if you prefer a Dragonfly also make a traditional version.

Swirling Mist Organic Tea

Swirling Mist Organic Tea

I was first introduced to “China Tea” by my mother-in-law. When we visited her, we were always treated to the most wonderful array of cakes and tea served in precious china cups.

The Swirling Mist (what a glorious name) Organic White Tea is a very special tea and it really took me back to those perfect afternoon teas. The emperors of the Song Dynasty over 1,000 years ago declared white tea as ‘the culmination of all that is elegant’. Genuine white tea is grown only in the north of China’s Fujian Province where it is harvested just once a year, in early spring. It’s lightly flavoured with no bitterness.

Tea from high up in the hills

Tea from high up in the hills

My final cup of the day was Golden Himalaya Darjeeling. This tea is grown in the misty Himalayan foothills of North East India. The fine leaves are grown at up to 6,000 feet up in a  cool moist climate with many natural minerals in the soil. It’s best drunk without milk, to savour its rich, slightly fruity taste. Just right to ease you into sleep.

Find out more

It’s easy to choose the tea for you on the Dragonfly tea website, choose by tea type, or by characteristics. The teas are packed in distinctive crisp white packaging which has a very useful “flap” for you to reach the tea. Prices are good, starting at around £2.10. Postage and packing is free for orders over £35.

Dragon Fly Tea on Amazon is sold in packs of 4 with free postage.

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