Hush Hour at The Lucky Liquor Co.: reading with a good drink and quiet company

Last week, we went to Hush Hour. Hush Hour is a monthly event at Lucky Liquor in Edinburgh where books, cocktails and people who love both equally come together.

Hush Hour, February 2015: mine was a herbalist and Att inte vilja se.

Hush Hour, February 2015: mine was a herbalist and Att inte vilja se.

When I’m not eating and boasting about it, chances are I’m either reading or writing. Books are not just sources of information or escapism for me, but wonderous objects, little windows on different worlds. I liked the idea of Hush Hour from the very first time I heard about it. A good book and a good cocktail: what’s not to love?

I consume fiction any way I can – as audio, using e-readers and reading physical books. For this quiet get-together, I thought a book was the most appropriate. Which was handy since I was half-way through Att inte vilja se by Jan Guillou, the fourth in a series of historical novels telling the story of the 20th century. This installment covers the second world war and I was worried about Dresden. Bad things were to come and I couldn’t wait.

Lucky Liquor is on Queen Street, tucked in at street level just around the corner from Frederick Street. When we walked in, on a cold and blustery night, the calm and warmth of the space embraced me. Quite a few tables were already taken up with readers. The black and white checked floor was scattered with teal chairs and little tables forming groups along the light gray tweed banquettes. We found a quiet corner and perused the drinks menu.

Matching drink to book

Christopher was reading Solo by William Boyd. He decided to match it with a glass of white wine. I wanted something a little stronger, something that suited the content of the book. I decided on a herbalist, a delicious, but heady, cocktail with O.P. Anderson it its core. It came in a very pretty glass and a spring of rosemary. Scent, colour and taste reminded me of Swizz throat lozenges, but without the menthol flavour. It was just the thing. The cocktail menu changes every quarter so there’s always something new to try. And, to my great delight, Lucky Liquor offers a seasonal negroni.

So we read, and enjoyed our drinks, and kept very still and quiet until the hour was up and the word was free.

At this point you have two options: leave or join other readers for a chat about books. We joined organiser Blythe (our good friend from Lunch Quest) and a friend and compared books.

Hush Hour is a very civilised way to spend an hour, and I like that you have the option of being sociable after reading. And with a cocktail on the table. It’s a perfect evening.

Hush Hour

19:00 – 20:00, the first Tuesday of the month, at The Lucky Liquor Co., Edinburgh.

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The Lucky Liquor Co.

39A Queen Street
Edinburgh, EH2 3NH

Telephone: 0131 226 3976.

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