Deliveroo delivers lunch with a difference

Deliveroo launched in Edinburgh with great fanfare in early June. Founded in London, Deliveroo is a delivery service for restaurants that don’t normally deliver. They have a raft of interesting establishments on their books. I tried them out for lunch at the office one day.

Deliveroo delivers lunch from, among other great restaurants, Meze Meze.

Deliveroo delivers lunch from, among other great restaurants, Meze Meze.

When I think about having food delivered, I think about lazy weekend evenings when neither of us can be bothered to cook. We put in our order (usually online, and typically either Indian, Chinese or pizza), settle dowen with books or a film, and wait for deliciousness to come to the door. Sometimes, we don’t want to cook, but we want something a little different.

Deliveroo adds to the services in this space by opening up the range of restaurants that you can order from, but they also deliver for lunch. It’s a really nice idea: many of the companies I’ve worked for do long meetings or events. As you might know, I’m not a fan of the sandwich option for lunch. It’s not that I don’t like sandwiches, is more that I think they are light snacks, not meals. For lunch, I want food, be it soup, yesterday’s leftovers, salad, sushi or, on a cold day, something soothing and warming. If you have a team working over lunch, it’s nice to be able to offer them something substantial, something that will keep their brains firing all afternoon.

Food from your favourite local restaurant, for example.

Tabouleh made just the way I like it.. Deliveroo delivers from Meze Meze

Tabouleh made just the way I like it: big on parsley.

Meze Meze and the lunch feast

Choice. I love it, but since I like a wide range of foods, it also baffles me. Too much choice and I can go a little mad. Luckily, I had been to several of the restaurants that Deliveroo offered for my area which meant that I could rule them out. I wanted to try something new, and I wanted to something fresh and healthy. I had a busy afternoon of staring at screens and checking transitions, so I needed to be alert.

Meze Meze turned up in my search. I’ve been intrigued by this restaurant and wanted to try it before: the decision was made. Well. the first step of the decision was made. Next, what to eat? Well, meze, of course. I ordered tabbouleh, hummus and Mediterranean vegetables in a yoghurt sauce.

Then I returned to work.

About 35 minutes later, the doorbell rang. My food had arrived.

A friendly young man brought me a big bag of goodies and I realised that I had over-ordered somewhat. In the end, I had two day’s worth of lunch. Not a bad thing, in my book!

The food was delicious: I loved the kisartma, Mediterranean vegetables slathered in a creamy, garlicky yoghurt sauce that scented the entire office. They were wonderfully flavoursome. The hummus was fresh and almost smokey in flavour, with finely chopped tomatoes on top. It came with a generous helping of fluffy bread. The tabbouleh was just the way I like it, dark green with parsley, speckled with tomatoes and fine, white grains of wheat.

Hummus with tomatoes and flat bread - yummy!. Deliveroo delivers from Meze Meze

Hummus with tomatoes and flat bread – yummy!

The list of restaurants on Deliveroo’s list is impressive and growing, and the buzz on Twitter is full of praise. I’m looking forward to using them again, when I want a change. Sushi delivered? Honestly, I can think of few better things. More meze? It really is a perfect lunch, especially if you’ve got someone to share with.

How it works

Using Deliveroo is simple:

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Enter your post code, the day and time you’re looking to eat.
  3. Browse restaurants and decide where you want to order.
  4. Order.
  5. Pay.

That’s it. The food is delivered to your door.

Caroline was invited to lunch at Deliveroo’s expense.


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