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Last week I had a cold and felt run down and generally miserable. When it wasn’t raining, it was snowing, the office was cold, the kitchen was a mess and my nose was running. I needed something to pick me up. I was looking forward to not cooking Tuesday night when I’d been invited to try out Pizza Express’ spring menu. C., not in the best shape himself, came with me.

Classic antipasti for one: filling and full of variety. Pizza Express, Edinburgh.

Classic antipasti for one: filling and with good variety.

I was looking forward to trying two dishes: the classic antipasti for one and the superfood salad.

A sceptic by heart, I’m not one who runs to gobble up anything called superfood–I believe in a varied diet, not single-food fixes–but this salad looked lovely. One of Pizza Express’ light options it comes in under 500 calories and contains filling, protein rich and yummy ingredients such as chickpeas, edamame, quinoa, cranberries and all kinds of tasty things. It was the kind of comforting, tasty but not completely unhealthy treat I wanted on a chilly evening. Unfortunately, the salad wasn’t on: they’ve been having problems with quality of some of the ingredients. The superboost side, essentially a smaller serving of the salad, was therefore also off.  Luckily, there were no problems with the antipasti.

The classic antipasti for one is filling and would make a good lunch or light dinner on its own. I enjoyed picking at bits and pieces of cold cuts, roasted vegetables, harissa dip and cheese while chatting. Antipasti and mezze makes me eat a little slower, to remember to enjoy what I’m eating.

New for this season are the Hawaiian ‘Pizza Express’ pizza, and the risotto fresco with salmon. I was glad that I followed my starter with the comparatively light bosco salad and not one of the heavier dishes: I would have been too full. The salad mixed crunchy leaves, warm mushrooms, artichokes and mozzarella. It is served with bread sticks and a mustard dressing.

Bosco salad a mixture of crunch leaves, mushrooms, artichoke and mozzarella. Pizza Express, Edinburgh.

Bosco salad a mixture of crunch leaves, mushrooms, artichoke and mozzarella.

C. stuck with old favourites: the pesto-speckled bruschetta to start and Giardiniera Romana pizza for mains.

We were superfood-free yet soothed and satisfyingly sleepy when we grabbed a taxi home. No cooking, no washing up, not thinking or planning. Some nights, quick, reliable and tasty is just the ticket.

Caroline was invited to dine on Pizza Express’ expense.

Pizza Express

We went to the Pizza Express at:

32 Queensferry Street
Edinburgh, EH2 4QS

Telephone: 0131 225 8863

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