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My friend R. and I meet a couple of times a year to eat seafood. Often, we claim one of these get-togethers is a belated birthday celebration (because it sounds better than a pig-out). To start this year well, we decided to have dumplings because it was Friday 13th.

Chicken with fermented tofu sauce. Gently funky.

Chicken with fermented tofu sauce. Gently funky.

What the world thinks

I’ve heard a lot about Stack Dim Sum Bar and was excited to go. For once I read Facebook reviews before I went. It seems the restaurant is divisive: most people love it, some really don’t. Greasy noodles and bad service are the usual culprits. I was really curious to about what I would think.

Eating dim sum

Dim sum has the same great advantages as tapas and meze: you get to try several different things and can continue ordering until you’re satisfied. We started with a quartet of tempting treats:

  • Flash-fried squid cakes (3) – crispy, crabby, larger than I had expected and therefore really easy to share.
  • Shar sui buns (3) – love these big, fluffy rice buns with their sweet meat filling.
  • Vietnamese spring rolls (3) – crispy, tasty, with a lovely and elegant dipping sauce.
  • Spinach scallop dumpling (3) – see-through shells wrapped around delicate spinach and scallop. Too good to photograph.
Beef wonton and pork potstickers, flash-fried crab cakes and char sui bun. Oh yea.

Beef wun ton and pork pot stickers, flash-fried crab cakes (with hand shadow) and char sui bun. Oh yeah.

Then we topped up with three additional delights:

  • Chicken in fermented soya sauce – soft chicken in a sauce of fermented soya. It wasn’t as in your face as I expected but gently funky with a salty bite to it.
  • Cantoneese pot stickers (4) – I love pot stickers: dumplings that have first been steamed and then fried for a little bit of extra flavour and texture. These were not my favourite ever but I ate them with pleasure.
  • Beef wun ton – crispy and fun, wun ton are always nice to eat. I bite off the meat packet and eat the crispy dough on its own.

We could have continued eating – never underestimate our capacity – but had run out of wine and decided to be sensible. So I logged the fun gor, the glutinous rice rolls and the red bean trio for next time (as well as a double serving of the spinach scallop dumpling).

What did i think?

I have no issue with the service and the food was delicious. There are things on the menu I’m unlikely to pick – congee isn’t for me and I can live without chicken feet – but all of the dim sum are tempting and I want to go back for more. Soon. The service was fine, the room basic and cheerful, much like the wine list. The other dinners – we were a mixed bunch on this cold January night, a work party, a table middle-aged women, a courting couple and a table of young men I’d guess were Chinese – gulping and slurping gratefully. The food, the reason we were there, was good and good value.

Stack Dim Sum Bar

42 Dalmeny Street
Edinburgh, EH6 8RG

Telephone: 0131 553 7330

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  1. I understand why you want to keep it a secret!

  2. My fab dim sum restaurant in Edinburgh, love it, and the staff are very polite. Don’t go there, as we like it kept as a secret 🙂

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