Family fayre at The Fountain

Saturdays are normally quite busy in our house with the typical last minute rush out the door to get to swimming lessons on time. Fortunately, this now finishes at lunchtime and we use this as a reward to go somewhere nice as a treat for lunch. I’ve often driven past The Fountain on Dundee Street, across from Fountain Park and wondered what it was like, it always seemed to have a nice, warm feel about it. So, I was very enthusiastic when they asked us to pop in and try out their menu.

Our visit was a multi-generational outing with granny on tow, as well as the cheeky menace and we had all built up an appetite after our active morning sessions in the pool and the gym. Granny and the menace both opted for crispy bacon rolls with one having the addition of haggis. The menace is addicted to haggis and would eat it at least once a week given the chance!

On the healthier non-pork side of the table, I had the Mezze plate with couscous, steamed asparagus, falafel, courgette fritters, harissa hummus and crispy halloumi – plenty to get through. Mr Mac opted for eggs benedict with bacon on toasted muffins.

Mezze Plate

Mezze Plate

We didn’t sit in the official restaurant area, as we were all attracted to the bright airy space in the bar, though I could imagine the cosy restaurant section being a great spot on a cold winter’s night.
The food was good pub grub, with generous portions and a very friendly team of staff on hand to help us out.

The combination of the asparagus, hummus and couscous was very nice, though I felt the crispy halloumi had been over fried and lost some of its squeakiness and become harder than I would have liked. Overall though it was a hearty dish with plenty of variety to tempt the taste buds.

Mr Mac’s eggs were lovely and runny drizzled in a warm hollandaise sauce, sitting plumply on top of two toasted muffins with strips of streaky bacon towered on top. They looked very inviting, however I only managed to grab one bite before they seemed to be inhaled off the plate.

Eggs benedict

Eggs benedict

We had just returned from a week in Spain when we popped into The Fountain and Mr Mac and I had huge withdrawal symptoms for a decent coffee, having had very mediocre versions on holiday. Tempted by coffee it didn’t take us long to also be drawn to something sweet on the menu too. A cheeky chocolate mousse was promptly ordered to accompany the cappuccinos. A generous portion was served in a mini kiln jar with two homemade pieces of shortbread that almost looked like the casings of mince pies.

Chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse

The chocolate mousse had a good texture and consistency and was chocolatey in a way that would appeal to all the family without being seen as overly rich or dark. I don’t think the biscuits worked with the mousse and felt they would have been better as a separate accompaniment to the coffee.

All in all it was a very relaxed family outing with everyone walking out feeling content and fuelled up for the afternoon. We also loved the community spirit in the pub with various regulars known to staff and the warm welcome received by dogs too. If I do weaken and agree to a dog, this would definitely be a top spot to drop by with the new addition to the family.

Nicki was invited as a guest of The Fountain.

The Fountain, 131 Dundee Street, Edinburgh, EH11 1AX

T: 0131 229 1899

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