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Fresh and delightful: spritz of summer #1

Floral and delightful: spritz of summer #1

This summer, the spritz is the thing. You can get your hands on it across the UK thanks to a collaboration between William Grant – owner of many popular spirit brands – and Britvic – maker of sodas and cordials and owner of The London Essence Company. There are five flavour profiles. I went to Southpour to try them all*.

OK, here’s the low-down: Five spritzes, 50ml spirit, a shot of cordial, a bottle of soda, lots of ice. Voilá! A refreshing summer drink.

So what are the flavour profiles?

  • Floral: Henderson’s gin, elderflower cordial, tonic. Dressed with a slice of cucumber.
  • Berry: Monkey’s Shoulder whisky, raspberry cordial, ginger ale. The hope is that htis will open people to whisky. Mix in the raspberry cordial well to take the edge off and it might.
  • Spicy: Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum, cocnut and ginger cordial, ginger ale.
  • Sweet: Drambui, grapefruit and verbena soda.
  • Fresh: Reyka vodka, elderflower cordial, rhubarb and cardamom soda. So far the best seller – and the favourite at our table – because it’s vodka-based and cute.

* Drink responsibly.

Caroline was invited to try Spritz of Summer by NUMBER Agency.

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