Foundry 39 – easy to overlook but worth a visit

The West End is full of bars and restaurants so it’s easy for any one of them to be overlooked. Despite the fact that Amy reviewed it a couple of years ago, I think of Foundry 39 as a pub/bar rather than a restaurant. I’ve gone there for a quick beer on my way somewhere else. It was interesting, therefore, to visit and see what they offer in terms of food.

Scented with truffle oil, studded with mushrooms, all good.

Scented with truffle oil, studded with mushrooms, all good.

Brunch and lunch

We took the £6.00 lunch deal – and a very good deal it is! The main dishes are all £6 and then you can add extras and drinks as you wish. I went for the mushroom pizza and Christopher had the bhaji burger. Other options are cheese burger, the buttermilk chicken burger or mozzarella and tomato pizza, as well as salad.

The mushroom pizza was lovely: a good size but not so huge I fell asleep in the afternoon and full of yummy mushroom and liberally scented with truffle oil. It looked good and tasted better. I was very happy.

Mushroom pizza - a keeper!

Mushroom pizza – a keeper!

Christopher enjoyed the bhaji burger with it’s sweet mango chutney and soft, lovely onion bhaji. It’s served with raita – Christopher asked for it without – and I think the yogurt acidity and cucumber crunch would be welcome. With it he had sweet potato chips. I enjoyed the chips with their sweet tatty insides and crispy coated outsides. Lovely.

Bhaji burger and sweet potato chips.

Bhaji burger and sweet potato chips.

What else?

At the weekend, Foundry 39 has a brunch menu that looks very tempting: Colombian eggs (scrambled eggs with tomatoes), smashed avocado on sourdough, veggie and carnivore breakfasts (OK, that’s not for me, but the egg and avocado options all speak to me. As does the porridge.) There are classics like eggs and bacon, sausage roll, granola, hangover pizza, and a full breakfast.  There should be something for everyone. And of course there’s a full bar. There are days when a Bloody Mary is just the thing with your pizza. Let me know what you think.

And a coffee too. Relax and recharge.

And a coffee too. Relax and recharge.

We were in on a Tuesday at half twelve. The large, grey-blue space with copper accents and quirky features is easy to get comfortable in. It was relatively empty when we walked in but it got a lot busier over the hour we were there. Friends and families came in for food and drink, some looked like they may stay for a good while. We enjoyed our lunch and then stepped back out into the sunny world outside, replete and ready to take on the afternoon.

Foundry 39

39a Queensferry Street
Edinburgh, EH2 4RA

Telephone: 0131 510 6766

Instagram: foundry39 | Twitter: @foundry39

Caroline and Christopher ate at the invitation of Foundry 39.

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