Afternoon Tea at Roman Camp Hotel, Callendar

Roman Camp Hotel

Whilst Callendar is further afield than the location of most of our reviews, it’s well worth a visit. The lovely wee town, known to foodies for the marvellous Mhor Tearoom and Mhor Fish restaurant, is around an hour from Edinburgh by car. It’s also a great place for gift shopping,…

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Home-made yogurt: easy and satisfying. Is it?

Yogurt. Home-made. Creamy, delicious, cheap. Worth it?

I’ve been eating a lot of yogurt – specifically Greek – recently and had the thought of making my own. It’s easy, said the recipes I read online and in my cookbook. It’s satisfying, thrifty and domestic-goddess-like, said my head. So, off I went. Last updated by Caroline von Schmalensee…

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World vegan month: the postman brought my breakfast (and lunch. And dinner.)

Feed. haul - if this was YouTube, I'd have given you an unboxing video. Yay.

Veganism is increasingly popular: some go plant based for the environment, some for the animals, some for health. Whatever the reason, it’s changing the food landscape. There are a host of vegan options in my local supermarket and new companies pop up online all the time. I decided to try a…

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The Balvenie introduces Stories range to The Century Club members

Alwynne and Kelsey discussing the Balvenie Stories - Photos by // Insta/@grantandersondotme

When I won the Judges’ Award for the Reader’s Recipe at the OFM Awards 2016  for my Whisky, Orange and Almond cake, I said I was on a mission to try to get all my friends to appreciate Scotland’s national drink.   I’ve now found some fellow females who seem to…

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The Broughton – rising from the ashes of The Phoenix

Yolk-porn all the way: smoked haddock on crushed potatoes, poached egg on top. Oh, yes!

The family that runs The West Room in Edinburgh’s West End, and the Seafood REstaurant in St Andrews, has opened a new restaurant and bar in Edinburgh: The Broughton. The unit was once The Phoenix, a place I’ve never been to, partly because it had a bit of a reputation…

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Fizz Feast – a celebration of bubbles

Fizz Feast - In celebration of all things bubbly

Champagne is one of the elegant extras in life,’ so said Charles Dickens the English novelist. This fine elixir is just one of the drinks being celebrated at Fizz Feast, the sparkling wine and artisan food festival run by Diana Thompson, founder of Wine Events Scotland. Last updated by Kerry…

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The Fudge Kitchen – making (and eating) vegan fudge

Putting our backs into it to ensure a super-smooth finish.

November is world vegan month. To celebrate, I’m going to write all about fudge. Vegan fudge. Smooth, silky, delicious, wonderful fudge. You see, I was invited by The Fudge Kitchen Edinburgh to come and taste and make fudge with them, an opportunity I seized with both hands. This is the…

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Hawksmoor celebrates 2 years with a party in The Tellers’ Room

Main plate number 1: sirloin, chateaubriand, chips, mash, spinach and Bearnaise sauce. Bliss!

Last week, Christopher and I were privileged to be invited to the celebration of Hawksmoor’s second Edinburgh anniversary in the new private dining space, The Tellers’ Room. They’d put on a feasting menu with matched wines and a talk by Fiona Beckett, food and wine writer, and mother to one…

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