Bakery Andante Edinburgh

Jon Wood - The proof is in the eating

We arrive at Bakery Andante at 9:30. The shelves are being stacked. There’s a wonderful aroma in the air – freshly baked bread and, as it’s nearing Easter, spicy overtones. We meet Martin who has arrived with his daughter to buy a baguette for lunch. “This is my local.” he grins. “The…

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Bread: Croatia style

Kruscic Bread

On our first day in Split, Croatia, we meet Robert. He’s been busy organising tours for us during our visit. Before we set off to meet our guide Sonia, we have coffee. “Let’s go and buy a cake to eat with our coffee.” suggests Robert. It appears that rather than…

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Make Real Bread

Patrice's Baking

I’ve been making bread since my early twenties. Just recently though, I’ve become obsessed. Why do I make bread? The taste is just amazing and it’s so good for you. It’s also great to share with friends and colleagues although there I nearly caused an upset recently when Mr EF…

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