Brewdog Punk AGM 2018: A Tale of Two Burgers

The Buffalo Truck classic burger

This was our third visit to the AECC for a Brewdog Punk AGM. Partner Raymond has been an Equity Punk since early in the scheme’s launch, whilst my career with small food businesses spurred a keen interest in Brewdog’s insane growth trajectory and marketing approach. Over the years, the AGM has grown…

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Menabrea: Something Old, Something New

Menabrea blonde beer

As the oldest commercially produced beer in Italy, Menabrea enjoys a reputation as something authentic and special. Its two varieties, ‘Bionda,’ a pale lager and ‘Ambrata,’ an amber-coloured ale, have been brewed solely at Menabrea’s brewery near Turin since 1846. A combination of maize and barley from Champagne, hops from…

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Learning to Homebrew

Citra hops

Pre-ramble I’m a big craft beer enthusiast but I lack the technical curiosity to make my own. My pal Raymond, however, has spent the past three years honing his brewing skills across a range of styles, including a silky oatmeal stout and a Christmas-spiced saison. He’s only ditched one undrinkable…

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