Escape for the weekend: Discover meat in Istanbul

Dallas steak

Istanbul is an amazing city. It’s perfect for a weekend break and is easily reached. So after you’ve visited the Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace and the Spice market (and many, many more delights), where to eat? Let Lunchquest introduce you to the best steak anywhere. Over to you Blythe.…

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Béarnaise sauce – a love story

...or cold from the supermarket with peppered steak and salad.

Some dishes find a special place in a country’s conscience. Béarnaise sauce has stuck in the Swedish one. A rich emulsion of butter and lemon flavoured with tarragon and sharpened with vinegar, béarnaise sauce is a great companion to red meat. In Sweden, my home country, it is ubiquitous. You find it on most restaurant menus,…

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