Things we love – November

Nairn's Gluten free biscuits

This month, it’s snack time and the chance to support a charcuterie business. Craft Meat Business Claims Industry Bosses are full of Rubbish Serious Pig is leading a crusade to inspire food brands to open up about ingredients. As part of the intiative Serious Pig will be completely honest with…

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Move Over Cola for Kitsch Soda

Kitsch Soda Cucumber & Fennel

Everyone knows I love craft beer. But much in the same way absence makes the heart grow fonder, a night off the hops makes the palate stronger. I don’t mean switching to wine or G&T, but choosing alcohol free beverages instead. However, when you develop craft tastes for one thing…

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We Hae Meat – and We Like It.

Classic: square slice in a well-fired roll

Square. Lorne. Slice. Whatever you call it, until recently I’d have waved my hand at you dismissively and said ‘link’ is the one true sausage. Maybe it’s because I’m English and lorne is rare south of the border; maybe it’s because I find the square’s meaty granular appearance weird; maybe…

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Soup Glorious Soup

Thai Tuk Tuk soup

We eat a lot of soup in this household. Maybe it is because we live in Scotland and temperatures are not high, but we eat it most days. I love making my own soup, but sometimes, there just isn’t time or I’ve not got the right ingredients. I first came…

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A Re-education in Oats with Nairn’s

Nairn's Oatcakes

I used to think that oatcakes were a dry, dusty, bland, biscuit-esque disappointment. An oral punishment that sapped moisture from your tongue and left behind a claggy, crusty detritus. For a long time I did my best to avoid them. I only came into regular contact once I started working…

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