Molecular cocktails

Molecular Cocktail at Bistro Moderne

Doesn’t this cocktail  look fabulous? The star mixologist Alex at Bistro Moderne gave me a sneak preview of a cocktail he’s developing for this month’s Dining Club at Bistro Moderne.  I wish I could have that much flair. What makes this cocktail molecular? It’s the foam on top created with an alcohol, some…

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Brilliant food for babies

More please!

This post is unashamedly for parents and grandparents. And of course for their offspring. It’s a new departure for us, but we’re always interested in food, whatever form it takes! My tester for this post is Tilly. She’s nearly 16 months old.  Since she was about 5 months old, she’s…

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Boxes of Delight

One of Flavourly's Boxes

This post was written in 2013. Please visit the Flavourly website for up to date information Who doesn’t like receiving packages through the post? Much of the time we’ve made the order online and you know what’s coming through your door. The idea of receiving a box of foodie goodies…

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