63 Tay Street, Perth

Carpaccio of smoked haddock, chopped duck egg and curry. Photo Brendan MacNeill

Those of you who also have birthday’s in January will understand my frustration. Not only is my birthday far too near Christmas, when you want to celebrate, you find that many of your favourite chefs are on holiday. Not that I begrudge them a break, but why does it have…

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Budding Chefs 2014

The heat is on. Final preparations for last year's feast. Photo courtesy of Institut Francais d'Ecosse

  Imagine you’re a young chef. Quite possibly, it is the first time you’ve been abroad. Visiting a French market can overwhelm the senses. Ingredients that are hard to come by in a Scottish kitchen are sold in copious amounts on the markets – seven different types of pears? How…

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My kind of haggis

My inspired by Burns Blogger starter kit

A few days ago, I tweeted that the Robert Burns World Federation have designated 2014 Year of the Haggis. A friend of mine immediately tweeted back “Why? Ewww”. I guess I can forgive him as he’s in California. I replied with my usual “Try it, just think of it as a…

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