Full Steam Ahead

Reliving the Golden Age of Travel

In this fast paced world of travel, there’s something rather romantic and civilised about train travel. I’m obviously not talking about commuter trains, but reliving the Golden Age of travel and taking a steam train on a scenic journey through the Scottish countryside, all in the comfort of a beautifully…

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#Nofilter Edinburgh

A perfect sunny day at Edinburgh Farmer's Market

I’ve chosen a good day to write this post. There are special days in Edinburgh when the sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue. There’s usually a crispness to the air and today is no exception – a good breeze is blowing. It’s something I wish I could…

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Snacking the Basque Way

Pinxtos tend not to be vegetarian, these are an exception

Imagine going into a bar in your town and you find rubbish strewn across the floor. You’d probably walk straight out, wouldn’t you? Not in the Basque Country. This is a sign that the bar serves very good pintxos. These are small morsels of food, often but not always, served…

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