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New blog post: Assembly Food Festival and Foodies – two festivals to whet your appetite this July and August

Wondering what to do with that soft fruit that's beginning to turn? Create a magical, old-fashioned cordial made with vinegar, soft fruit and sugar, aka as Shrub. It will turn a @pickeringsgin #cocktail into something spectacular. ^KT

I overslept. This means I didn't have time to fancy up my breakfast, just cut it so I could easily eat it during the morning meeting (over Skype). It tasted perfect. 🥑🥭 ^CS

When you can't be bothered cooking and find ready-made dinner in the cupboard. I really like mackerel. 🍑🍞 ^CS

👏 We're proud to reveal our new e-book: THE STORY OF SCOTTISH SEAFOOD. 👏

A collaboration of people who love Scottish seafood, download our free e-book to read interviews and stories from Scotland's fishermen, processors, chefs, and many more! 👉


Bloggers: Little Mummy, Edinburgh Foody, My Monkfish and Edinburgh Eats

Bloggers: Little Mummy, Edinburgh Foody, My Monkfish and Edinburgh Eats

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