The Lantern Room Afternoon Tea

The Birdcage and the Bookcase Afternoon will satisfy both sweet and savoury lovers

I’ve been banging on about this for ages and it seems finally, someone has listened.  While I love an afternoon tea, I always long for one with more savoury options and at last, The Lantern Room at the Marriott has answered my prayers in the form of The Bookcase Afternoon…

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Brewdog Punk AGM 2018: A Tale of Two Burgers

The Buffalo Truck classic burger

This was our third visit to the AECC for a Brewdog Punk AGM. Partner Raymond has been an Equity Punk since early in the scheme’s launch, whilst my career with small food businesses spurred a keen interest in Brewdog’s insane growth trajectory and marketing approach. Over the years, the AGM has grown…

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