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Wine and water in a bar

Edinburgh Foody’s been going since 2010. It’s been wonderful to be part of Edinburgh’s ever-changing dining and food scene for the last decade. We have had so much fun, met so many people, ate so much food. Last updated by Caroline von Schmalensee at July 3, 2020.

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10 more Edinburgh restaurants that deliver and a café

The Gardener's Cottage served a one-off, vegan-friendly From Root to Leaf tasting menu.

I wrote about Edinburgh restaurants that deliver at the beginning of lockdown. As the situation normalises, a number of chefs are returning to the kitchen, doing what they can to get food out to customers. We’re not going back to restaurant dining ‘as usual’ anytime soon. Here’s a list of…

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La Garrigue @ Home: a bright light in the lockdown darkness

Off-centre but not less tasty for that: wild garlic and asparagus risotto in the front,, cassoulet in the back.

The first restaurant I saw do a special delivery menu for lockdown was Merienda. Now, many weeks later, a host of restaurants have joined. It’s a wonderful idea. Here’s something that delivers excellent food to locked-down, pleasure-starved customers sitting at home, and gives businesses a chance to continue making some…

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Lola’s Coffee coffee bags from The Speciality Coffee Shop combines flavour and convenience

Coffee bags: just as convenient as tea bags.

You’ve probably seen the adverts for coffee bags, the one where someone says ‘why haven’t we thought of that before?’ and you get a series of glimpses of when people did have the idea but it was lost for whatever reason. I’ve seen them. Now, I’ve tried them (although not…

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Hickory@Home – Award-winning food, direct to your dining table

Miso and onion roasted chicken served with truffled mac n cheese and herb salad

Like many businesses who have had to change their ways of working due to the current situation, Musselburgh event caterers, Hickory, have had to adapt their business model and are now providing Hickory@Home. Hickory normally create incredible dishes at Scotland’s grand castles and smart Edinburgh venues but this opportunity means…

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Cook’s notes: dark chocolate to lift your spirits

Cooking with dark chocolate: lush.

Making the most of a simple dark chocolate bar – having time for reflection in these very difficult times of isolation my thoughts strayed to childhood memories of ‘a bar of dark chocolate’ (Bournville to be precise). Last updated by Maureen Clark at May 5, 2020.

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9 Edinburgh restaurants and catering firms that now deliver


The restaurants listed here are ones that don’t also offer produce. There are more restaurants out there that deliver and we will update this list as we come across them. Meanwhile, here are nine brave restaurants that have adjusted to the current situation and work hard to keep us culinarily entertained…

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7 Local Veg Box Delivery Services

Vegetable selection from a local delivery

**Updated 19th April** Please see “*” below for new information. Veg box deliveries from wholesalers, restaurateurs and farm shops help to support local, independent businesses and the restaurant supply chain. They can also ease pressure on supermarkets, and may offer the bonus of treating yourself to fresh pastries or a…

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Cook’s notes: power-packed eggs

Eggs: healthy and versatile one of your basics

The not-so-humble egg is the perfect food, and even comes in it’s own packaging for easy transport! It has always been important to boost your immune system to fight infection and disease, and never more so than in these worrying times with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. If there was a single food…

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Peanut butter biscuits – baking and eating to soothe the soul

When I put dollops of mixture on baking sheets, I wasn't sure what would come out. These have perfect shape, texture and flavour.

In these uncertain and stressful times, cooking is helpful. It keeps you busy inside and gives you delicious things to eat. We were already cooking most of our food from scratch but have extended that habit to treats like biscuits and cake. It keeps us out of trouble and off the…

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