Solid Liquids Gin Cruise

Straight gin, straight up

I was delighted to attend Solid Liquids’ first event of 2017, joining a group of gin lovers aboard the very purple Lochrin Belle canal boat. We spent two hours cruising the Union Canal, starting down from Akva in Fountainbridge.  Last updated by AmyB at March 24, 2017.

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The Lantern Room – the perfect place for pre-theatre eats in a historical setting

The Lantern Room is perfect for pre-theatre dining at the Playhouse

It’s amazing how you can go away for your Christmas break, only to arrive back and find another new eating and dining establishment has opened in Edinburgh. The place in question is the Courtyard by Marriott  with the Lantern Room restaurant and bar, which had opened on 28 December on…

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Divino Enoteca – unveils its divine new menu for spring

Orange scented cake with vanilla mascarpone

It’s been a number of years since I’ve been to Divino Enoteca, so when an invitation landed in our inbox to try their new menu, Kerry and I were both keen to drop by. Tucked away on Merchant Street, just down from Greyfriars Bobby, it’s a hidden gem in the…

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Shri Bheema’s on Constitution Street – curry, wine and beer pairing

Dispel the myth - wine can be paired with curry. Shri Bheema's dispels this myth

I reviewed Shri Bheema’s on Nicolson Street, opposite the Festival Theatre, back in July 2016 and loved the fact that not only do they serve South and North Indian cuisine but it’s also a great restaurant if you have food allergies as they list all the dishes and the allergens…

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Contini – a new way to eat Italian on George Street

Contini's Italian donuts are deliciou

Although I’ve visited Contini Cannonball on Castle Hill, with its Glengoyne private dining room, quite a few times in the last six months, it’s a long time since I had set foot in Victor and Carina’s Italian flagship restaurant Contini on George Street. Last updated by Kerry Teakle at March…

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La Belle Assisette – stress free entertaining

Short rib of beef with Bordelaise sauce

Having friends over for dinner at the weekend, or even midweek is great fun, but the advance planning and deciding what to make for everyone can often get complicated. Especially when people share at the last minute that they no longer eat red meat, or don’t like mushrooms – there’s…

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La Petite Mort opens a porthole on a new world of cocktails

Yes, we put a light behind it so you can get the full glory of the stained glass effect of the porthole. And, in the shadows, my chin.

You know the feeling? It’s raining, and windy, and your gloves got wet at the bus stop and didn’t dry on the bus. You’re running late, hareing through the city. I had that night last Tuesday. But see, I knew there was a cocktail, lovingly prepared for me (me!), waiting…

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Vini Bal’s – Quick, authentic curry in a pouch

Vinni & Bal's curry sauces

Now some might think the title of this post is a bit of an oxymoron, but I really was hugely impressed with the cook-in sauces from Vinni and Bal. I have been caught in the past trying out other Indian sauces available in a jar from the supermarket, but they…

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Rye crispbread: baking the dream

Home-made crispbread and cheese.

I have a weakness for crispbread. Not the airy pale stuff, or the brown tedium that is Ryvita, but traditionally hard Swedish rye crispbread. I like it dimpled and, ideally, in large rounds that I can break into irregular shapes. There are few places in Britain that sells it (Nordic…

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