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I was emailed by Ombar to see if I liked chocolate and was interested in trying some of theirs. Ombars are raw chocolate bars made from Equadorian cacao, coconut and a variety of fruits, berries and nuts. They come in full-sized bars (70 grams) and small bars (35 grams).

Cocmylk in front, coco almond in the back. Creamy, cacao-rich raw chocolate.

Cocomylk in front, coco almond in the back. Creamy, cacao-rich raw chocolate.

The small bars has the widest range of flavours, from tempting treats like the mandarin bar and the raspberry bar, or the two flavours of filled bars, to the traditional 70% cacao and the cocomylk. I was sent a small cocomylk and a full-sized coco almond to try.

Raw and organic

It has to be pointed out that we’re not huge on milk chocolate since it makes Christopher feel ill and I usually find it too sweet and cloying, The cocomylk bar is vegan, made from cacao, creamed coconut, coconut sugar and vanilla. It’s actually very good. The coconut flavour is relatively subtle and the cacao comes to the fore with a mellow, caramel finish. I enjoyed the coco almond too. It dark but not bitter with had a rounded, nutty character. The almonds added welcome crunch.

Ombar: raw, organic and tasty.

Ombar: chocolate that’s raw, organic and – most importantly – tasty.

Ombars are soft and creamy: to get that snap you’re probably used to, they have to be tempered. Raw products typically aren’t heated above 42°; for a good temper you need to go higher. But it still melts in your mouth. And it melts in hot liquids: imagine this as a hot chocolate made with almond milk. I bet the 90% cacao bar would be perfect for that.

I’ve had raw, organic chocolate before, that time a Mexican bar. I didn’t like that one because the sugar wasn’t milled finely enough for my taste: the bar was gritty and I like my chocolate smooth. Ombar chocolate is velvety and has a pleasant flavour.

I think anyone who likes chocolate will take to these bars. They’re good, honest chocolate, not overly fancy or full of its own cacao.


Ombars retail from £1.99 for the 35 gram bars to £3.26 for the 70 gram bars. You can view and buy the full range in the  online shop, or find a local stockist. My nearest is RealFoods on Broughton Street.

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Caroline was sent two Ombars to review.

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