Slow cooked turbot, a recipe

Inspired by our meal at 21212, I tried cooking some slices of turbot slowly.

First problem: get oven to exactly 6oC. Discovered that the dial settings are hotter than they’re marked.

Once I’d sorted that with an oven thermometer (which took 15 minutes to find – we don’t use it that often!), I popped the fish in, neatly parcelled with a tablespoon of wine, herbs and a few peppercorns.

After one hour, the fish was cooked. Finished it off with a little butter on a slow heat in a frying pan for 30 seconds. The result was a little disappointing –  it needed far more seasoning. I am guessing the herbs need higher temperatures to release their flavours. The texture of the fish was lovely though. One to refine a little further

Has anyone had the chance to use a water bath – I am sure that’s the way forward!

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  1. Reading you own critique of the recipe, I would suggest trying it again but first put the herbs and pepper in a small frying pan with a little butter, put a top on the pan and over a medium heat bring out the flavours in the aromatics for a few minutes – much like we put veg in the saucepan with a little butter before making a soup. The go on the same way. Deglaze the drying pan where the herbs were with a little wine, reduce the wine and finish the sauce with butter. OK – there are two additions of wine to the dish my way, but can that be a bad thing??? 😉

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