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Katia Lebart, Wee Boulangerie Edinburgh. Photo Brendan MacNeill

Katia Lebart

We arrive at noon. The Wee Boulangerie has a long queue of people eager to buy their bread for the weekend, queuing out of the door. One chap Phil, is waxing lyrical. “I love this bread, the crust is so impossibly crusty. I buy this each week”. He is clutching a Pain de Campagne, a country bread.

A customer asks for a quarter from the large, very slow matured and baked loaf. “It lasts so well, due to the way it is made”. Katia owner and master baker, cuts a slice of a long multiseed loaf and suggests we try it. The taste is subtle, tasty. “This is a great loaf, but my favourite is the Country Bread. My family eat a lot of it. I love the pure and simple recipes”.

There’s a huge sense of passion, of love for bread in the air.

Dividing up the dough
Stretching the dough
Shaping the focaccia
Mixing the dough
Scraping the Dough
Weighing Yeast
Checking the dough temperature
Bakery Andante Spelt Sourdough
Lemon and Sumac Loaf
Bakery Andante Biscotti
Jon Wood, Bakery Andante
Bakery Andante Dips and Bread
Bakery Andante Bread Sticks
Bakery Andante Wholemeal Loaf
Bakery Andante Customer Martin
Bakery Andante Rye Sourdough
Bakery Andante Scones
Bakery Andante Croissant
My favourite exhibit, Europain
Oven demonstration
Organic Bakery, Europain
Perfect crumb, Europain
Dessert dish decorating, Europain
Patisserie, Europain
Breads created by Daan Hesseling, Netherlands
Eric Kayser Breads, Europain
Wayne Caddy setting up, Bakery Masters
Breads from Minoterie Suire, Europain
Mini choux buns, Europain
Judging at Intersuc
Vietnamese entrant - Intersuc, Europain
Creating chocolate viennoiserie, Europain
Savoury mille feuilles, Foricher, Europain
Pop up boulangerie, Europain
Slashing Viennoiserie
Breads from Minoterie Suire
Baguettes at Europain
Europain Bread Selection
Desserts of all colours
Swoops and swrils for desserts
Organic Bakery
Brioche Buns, The Wee Boulangerie, Edinburgh
Seeded loaf, the Wee Boulangerie, Edinburgh
Raisin Loaf, The Wee Boulangerie, Edinburgh
Fougasse, the Wee Boulangerie, Edinburgh
Today\'s Bread, The Wee Boulangerie, Edinburgh
Shop Assistant, the Wee Boulangerie, Edinburgh
The Wee Boulangerie, Clark Street, Edinburgh
Wee Boulangerie Customer
Katia Levant, Wee Boulangerie, Edinburgh
Country Bread
Sweet buns
Phil, A regular customer
Which bread to choose?
Katia Lebart, Owner
The Wee Boulangerie
Savoury Epee or Wheat Ears
Raisin Bread
Large country bread
Brioche Buns

Located in a residential area, the bakery can only start baking from 6 am. No proving cabinets are used, so the dough just matures slowly and takes its time. Consequently, baguettes are baked later in the day and are  ready just in time for lunch together with the sour doughs and white breads. Country breads are ready earlier around 9:30 am.

It’s a lovely light space, you can just see into the bakery behind the counter which is groaning with bread of all shapes and sizes. Here things are done properly, bread is wrapped in paper, macarons are placed in boxes and tied with decorative string, just as you would find in France. There’s respect for the ingredients.

On the counter itself, today there’s a foccacia stuffed with vegetables, brioche buns, fougasses (a stuffed bread from Provence) and to the right there are four flavours of macarons beautifully displayed. Katia also makes the most amazing nougat. “The very best you can find in Edinburgh,  in Scotland “.  You might also find almond croissants, savoury twists and biscuits. “It depends how creative the baker is feeling”, quips Katia smiling. If you’re lucky you can sit at one of the two tables and enjoy a coffee with your bread. Soup from Union of Genius is also served.

Katia Lebart ow,nee Boulangerie has not always been a baker.  She followed her passion and swapping signal processing for creation of wonderful artisan loaves (wise move). She trained at the renowned bakery school in Aurillac, France before gaining experience in France and here in Edinburgh at Peter’s Yard. She recently represented Edinburgh in ITV’s Britain’s Best Bakery programme on of 60 bakeries from across the United Kingdom that participated.

The Wee Boulangerie

The bakery  is open 7 days: 9am-6pm Mondays – Saturdays; 9.30am – 3pm Sundays

The Wee Boulangerie
67 Clerk St.
Edinburgh EH8 9JG
+44 131 629 3134

e-mail: info@theweeboulangerie.co.uk
The Wee Boulangerie on Twitter

The Wee Boulangerie on Facebook

Photographs in this post are copyright Brendan MacNeill

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