Emozioni – Italian fashion and food in one package

Emozioni truffle infused honey.

Emozioni truffle infused honey.

Emozioni is a range of high-quality Italian foods prepared and packaged with fashion flair. Aimed at foodies and luxury consumers, the products are not cheap but aims to pack a lot of flavour and texture into every spoonful. The packaging makes the products look like high-class cosmetics: it’s an unexpected but very clean look. In their own words: “It is our goal at Emozioni to revive the image of traditional Italian specialty foods. We believe that the traditional Made in Italy look needs a fresher, more contemporary image to compliment our appreciation for high quality food products.

Ultimately, flavour is what matters. I got to try two Emozioni products: truffle infused honey and pacchieri pasta tubes. Here’s what I did with them.

How to eat truffle honey

Gorgonzola with Emozioni truffle honey and pinenuts.

Gorgonzola with Emozioni truffle honey and pinenuts.

The honey’s aroma is amazing: it is like no other honey I’ve ever tried. The truffle scent is heady and gorgeous, but presents a bit of a challenge. Here’s a jar of sweet and savoury stuff. What to do with it?

My first thought was to drizzle the honey lightly over crackers with good gorgonzola. It was an inspired idea. Not only do you only need a small amount of honey, but truffle and blue cheese goes well together. Emozioni themselves suggest using the honey on scones for a very special high tea. I think that would work, but I’d make them cheese scones. (Not cheddar, but Parmesan, or Stilton.)

The honey would also add an interesting note of sweetness to a rustic salad: drizzle a little olive oil on to the leave, then a few drops of honey. I’d use it with green leaves, roasted beetroot and carrots.

At £26.50 for 40 grams, the honey is not for everyday consumption but it is yummy.

Paccheri pasta tubes

Emozioni pacchieri and beef ragout with ricotta.

Emozioni pacchieri and beef ragout with ricotta.

Paccheri are large pasta tubes made with semolina flour and drawn in bronze. Dried, they are about and inch and a half long. Cooked, they are a little bigger. I served them with a beef and green pepper ragout, enriched with ricotta. Served like that the tubes looked almost like pieces of squid, something that rather appealed to me. I liked the texture: the tubes are firm and hold their shape well.

Pacchieri can also be served stuffed. The next time I make them, I’ll cook them until almost done (say 9 – 10 minutes), refresh them with cold water and then stuff them with a hot ricotta and spinach filling. I’ll cook the filled tubes in a garlicky tomato sauce in the oven until it bubbles and the tubes are fully done. Served with a green salad, they’ll make a very nice dinner. I like the idea of cooking the tubes standing up, instead of lying down like mini canneloni.

Other products

Emozioni pacchieri and truffle honey.

Emozioni pacchieri and truffle honey.

Pasta and honey are not the only products that Emozioni offer, they also have truffle infused salt, truffle dressing, extra virgin olive oil, dried porcini mushrooms and 100% strawberry jam.


Emozioni Food LTD
43 Berkeley Square
London, W1J 5FJ

Telephone: 0203 397 2984
Email: sales@emozionifood.com


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