Cocktail in the City – drinks and fun at The Hub

Mmm. All the cocktails you could want under one roof.

Mmm. All the cocktails you could want under one roof. I’m having a Cherry Blossom.

Cocktails in the City is an annual Edinburgh event. Bars and spirit producers collaborate on a series of drinks and offer them to an adoring audience. This year, the event was over two days in The Hub. Caroline and Christopher went.

As we poured into The Hub with other eager Saturday drinkers, the bars were warming up their shaking arms. Christopher and I flew past the bars downstairs and went upstairs. Our opening drinks were a sherry Negroni from 99 Hanover Street for me, and a sweet, tropical concoction from Le Monde for Christopher.

We followed up with a delightful drink from the Laphroaig stand: deeply smokey, complex, yum. Christopher also fancied smoke and went to the Smokehead stand to get a whisky and rhubarb cocktail.

Going downstairs to see what was happening there, I decided I wanted a Cherry Blossom from the Roku.

There were 16 bars available, each with at least one cocktail. We don’t have the stamina for even half of that. After three, we decided we’d had enough.

We spilled into the deep-blue evening with smiles on our faces, ready for dinner at home.

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