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I’ve been involved with Edinburgh Foody for almost a decade. In that time, I’ve met a lot of interesting people, eaten a great deal of good food and learnt all kinds of things about food, cooking and the hospitality industry. Sometimes, people I meet will ask me: ‘so, do you go around eating all day, then?’ I wish. Most of us don’t blog for a living: we do this for fun rather than profit. So, below are two days of my life. Both contain over four hours of Edinburgh Foody activities; one’s a little more glam than the other.

Lunch! My phone died around here so there's a lack of pictures of our drinks.

Lunch! My phone died around here so there’s a lack of pictures of our drinks.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

What a glorious foody day!

After a breakfast on avocado toast in bed, Christopher and I walked up to St Leonards for a walking tour and tasting at Holyrood Distillery with Justine from Kask Whisky. I sent a quick tour tweet then focused on talking to the other people on the tour and learning something new.

Fortified with two rather good drams and full of whisky and brewing history, we went to The High Dive for lunch.

The High Dive does pizza and cocktails. We shared a portion of frites and had a pizza each. We cooed over our cocktails in a can and enjoyed listening to the other people in the room. For the second time in my blogging career, a venue gave us food for free just because. Thank you!

We wandered up the hill to The Hub and Cocktails in the City. We bumped into Adele from Tartan Spoon who was judging. We tried various cocktails and I photographed and Instagrammed our second cocktails.

We were home before nine and had a late supper of left-over couscous salad and Edinburgh Fermentarium Cracking Kimchi.

Breakfat in bed, a brewery and distillery walking tour, pizza and cocktails. A very foody day.

Breakfast in bed, a brewery and distillery walking tour, pizza and cocktails. A very foody day.

Tuesday, May 6, 2019

Working from home so saved time on the commute. Over a breakfast of overnight oats, I checked Edinburgh Foody emails and responded to queries (no, we’re not taking articles with links to online casinos, nor do we have an SEO budget. Now that’s out, maybe we’ll get fewer emails).

Worked: had a meeting at 9.15, then dealt with tasks and emails that had come in overnight. Committed a build of the latest version of a manual.

Had lunch and photographed it. Continued working – updating manuals – until half five.

Lunch: crispbread with paté and red cabbage sauerkraut.

Lunch: crispbread with paté and red cabbage sauerkraut.

Wrote up our visit to Gardener’s Cottage the previous week, processed the photos and scheduled the post. Prepared Instagram post for the day of release. Scheduled twitter related posts.

Ate dinner but didn’t photograph it. Sometimes I’m a rebel.

Wrote an Out and About post about Cocktails in the City, processed images and scheduled tweets.

Processed images for the Holyrood Distillery walking tour and structured that post for later completion. (The post will be out this Friday, May 24, 2019)

Went to bed.

Most of my days are closer to the Tuesday than the Saturday. Food blogging is a lot less glamorous than some people think. But it’s fun and it allows me to write about something I love, and meet interesting people. The Edinburgh food blogger community is fun and friendly; Edinburgh itself has a lot of incredible restaurants. What could be better?

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