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Tea and gin might be having moments, but coffee is still many people’s favourite drink. It soothes or invigorates. If you’re looking for a bit of variety in your coffee, you could try Bean & Ground, a relatively new kid on the mail-order coffee block. (They’re offering our readers a really good deal when trying their coffee. Details below.)

Bean & Ground is a small team if people who care about coffee and giving their customers a great cup every time. They source beans directly from growers and make a point of paying them well. They then roast the beans in the UK to give you the freshest, best coffee they can make.

It's in the name: you can order ground coffee, or beans to grind yourself. Beans & Ground.

It’s in the name: you can order ground coffee, or beans to grind yourself.

The coffee

My first Bean & Ground coffee was Entreverdes Risalda, produced in Columbia by Granja La Esperanza at 1,600 meters. Young and fruity, it’s a lively coffee, somewhat acidic but mellow, with nutty notes. C. is very fond of this because he started life drinking Columbian coffee, in his words ‘the Beaujolais of coffee – young and fresh’. It’s light enough that I can drink it without milk.

The pouches have great information about the coffee you're about to drink.

The pouches have great information about the coffee you’re about to drink.

I know that it was Entreverdes I was drinking, and where it was produced because it said so on the slim, easy-mailbox-fit package. Tasting notes and information about the producer on the label make me excited to try the coffee. Over time, I expect to start recognising coffees and being able to tell roughly where they’re from – coffee has terroir just like wine does. That’s a really exciting prospect.

I got ground coffee for our caffetieres, but you can also get beans. With any coffee, but ground coffee in particular, it’s important to keep it away from air, or it will oxidize and lose its freshness. We’ve kept it in the poach it came in since we can squeeze out any excess air and seal it tight. (Note to self: avoid getting ground coffee into the groove of the sealing strip if you want to use the poach for storage.)

How it works

Getting your coffee by mail is easy. You sign up for an account and can then receive two bags of coffee as often as you like. The default frequency is two 125 gram bags every two weeks. The bags will be different: 100% arabica coffee but from different parts of the world to give variety and interest.

If you find you’re not drinking all the coffee you order you can change the frequency. And if you want to cancel, you can do that too.

Special offer: two bags for £2

Bean & Ground are offering Edinburgh Foody readers two bags of fresh, hand roasted coffee, for £2.00, including P&P. To redeem the offer use the exclusive code EDINBURGHFOODY and two bags of the finest single origin coffee will be on their way to you.

Offer terms and conditions: offer available once to new customers only with UK addresses (Channel islands included). Maximum of one coupon per household. Valid card details and payment of £2 required. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Normal price is £7.95 per delivery containing two bags, no minimum commitment required so buy regularly or just receive it when you need it.

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  1. A freshly grounded coffee is the best coffee you can get. It’s a bit pity we often choose convenience over quality.

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