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The wonderful world of food blogging brings with it PR opportunities of various types. Sometimes new products are looking for people to give them a road test, sometimes restaurants invite you along to launch events and at other times there are invitations to review places free of charge.

Few of these opportunities come with an invitation from government officials, so it was with considerable anticipation that my friend Claire and I toddled along to Graypaul, Edinburgh’s Ferrari and Maserati dealership, for the Valcomino Expo event sponsored by the acting consul-general of Italy.

Delicious pasta at Valcomino event

Delicious pasta

Showcasing the produce of Valle di Comino district in the province of Frosinone, the event brought together wine and food producers from the region and offered them the opportunity to showcase their fine wares to the food community of Edinburgh.

This essentially amounted to a veritable bling-off of local Italian restaurateurs and their families. I was delighted to run into Dellita from my favourite Cafe Domenico’s, for example.

A master at work at the Valcomino event

A master at work

With a chef hard at work throughout the event preparing pasta dishes for all, it was a joy for the senses. With lovely crisp ravioli on arrival, then delicious larger stuffed parcels to follow, the star of the show was wholewheat tagliatelle served inside a massive hollowed cheese. It was completely glorious.

The wine, from producers such as Vigneto Iucci, Casale Caira, and Nardelli, was of impressively high quality, too.

With the added attraction of snazzy sports cars dotted about the place, this was quite an event.

It was a great insight into the exceptional local produce of the region and given the number of local business owners in attendance, I think it’s fair to assume that we’ll be seeing more and more of this produce in the restaurants across our city.

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