A smashing gadget for mash

The Smood

The Smood

How do you mash your potatoes? In the Edinburgh Foody household we’re divided. Mr EF favours the traditional flat soled masher, I use a potato ricer. This week to try and resolve our differences, we have tried a new masher to the market which was created in Australia by Dreamfarm. Named Smood (A play on smooth?) would this prove to be a worthy gadget for our kitchen drawer?

What makes a great mash? First choose a good potato variety of potato for mash (we like Roosters). Another important aspect is the ease of mashing and whether it is easy to clean. I find the traditional masher difficult to use, I always end up with lumps and Mr EF particularly hates cleaning the ricer. There are those that add milk, or think lashings of salty butter does the trick. Add a little nutmeg to make it really tasty.

Mashing the potato with the Smood

Mashing the potato with the Smood

The design of the Smood was inspired by one of those springy egg cups. The collapsing steel spring traps the potato, forcing it through the thin gaps between each coil. It has a silicon strip that is designed to scrape or clean the pot you’re using. You can also use it for other vegetables, squash and avocados are suggested.

The mash does rather stick to the Smood

The mash does rather stick to the Smood

In practice, we found it a really easy to use. The potatoes were mashed quickly and efficiently without too much effort!

We did find a bit difficult to squeeze the last bit of the mash out of the gadget when we’d added milk, so we’d suggest adding that in after you’ve mashed.

However, we used another nifty gadget, the mini supoon. This works like other silicon scrapers, but it has a bend in the handle which keeps the spoon from touching the worktop. Its small size is great for scraping out that last little bit. That done, the Smood was easy to clean.

We’ll definitely be using the Smood again. Whose favourite will it become?  We’ll just have to wait and see.

You can purchase the Smood and other gadgets in the range from Dreamfarm on Amazon.

The nifty little supoon which sits proud of the worksurface

The nifty little supoon which sits proud of the worksurface

View the range on the Dreamfarm Website

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