Ceramic grater for ginger and garlic – favourite kitchen gadget

My favourite gadget - a garlic and ginger grater

My favourite gadget – a garlic and ginger grater

Do you groan when you see the recipe asks for ginger root “finely chopped” or pureed? Get frustrated how much garlic you leave behind in the garlic press? This gadget it just wonderful. With a few moves across the raised surface it reduces the route to a puree. It is great for garlic too.

When I first wrote this post, this gadget proved challenging to find in the UK. I had bought mine in the US at a well known kitchen chain (which incidentally no longer stocks them!) I am very pleased to see that many new versions are now available including this one on Amazon.

Once you have used the garlic saucer (also known as a ceramic grater), you’ll never grunt and groan over ginger or garlic again – each are reduced quickly to a paste. Definitely one of my favourite gadgets.

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  3. oooh I like that. I use a small grater for my ginger but always groan as I lose the lovely watery juice. As for garlic, alas still use a garlic press as I hate the smell of garlic on my hands.
    Have you ever used salt to crush your garlic in a pestle and mortar…have seen a few chef-y types recommend that but I’ve not managed to do it successfully.

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  6. Where can I buy this product in ontario

  7. I love cooking with garlic, but the cloves can be somewhat of a pain to prepare. Thanks for the info!

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