A gin adventure dashing through the city

Your One Square rickshaw awaits ma'am

Your rickshaw awaits ma’am

Something I have always dreamed of doing is a sleigh ride. I guess dashing through the snow is more likely to be found in a novel rather than in Edinburgh. However, there I found myself squeezed into a rickshaw with two other giggling people having the times of our lives as we were transported under pedal power across the Meadows in Edinburgh. The closest yet to a sleigh ride and such fun!

One Square certainly do memorable. A day earlier it would have been sleeting a day later pouring with rain, but we had the perfect evening to celebrate the launch of One Square Gin.

Gert the Still

Gert the Still comfortable in her bain marie

Our visit started at Summerhall at the small but perfectly formed Pickerings Gin Distillery. We gathered next to Gert the still to listen to Marcus Pickering introducing the distillery and how the new gin was made.

Marcus Pickering chatting with happy gin drinkers

Marcus Pickering chatting with happy gin drinkers

The wonderfully named Gin Concierges at One Square took on a task most mixologists can only dream of. Over more than a year, working with Pickerings, they refined the mix and balance of 15 botanicals (juniper, angelica roots, pink grapefruit, lime, lemon, coriander, liquorice, anise, heather, bog myrtle, fennel, cloves, orris root, cinnamon, cardamom) to make a unique blend for the One Square gin. As we taste the gin neat, we discover a subtle spicy-ness and an unexpected creaminess (which we later learn is the addition of the heather).

Fifteen botanicals make One Square gin special

Fifteen botanicals make One Square gin special

Gert the still has a special additional metal collar, a bath or bain marie, in which she sits. This enables the ingredients to be heated slowly which brings out the most subtle of flavours and creates the gin’s smoothness.

The gin concierges - job well done

The gin concierges – job well done

Back at One Square, the guests giddly from our ride through the streets sup the new gin on ice. Much has been made of gin cocktails recently, but this gin just cries out to be drunk simply, on the rocks with perhaps a twist of lemon. As I mingled with the crowd, without exception everyone I heard was exclaiming how much they were enjoying their drink.

Trying the new menu - in minature

Trying the new menu – in miniature

Whilst drinking, we tasted One Square’s new menu, recreated in small bite sizes – I do love trying lots of nibbles in this fashion.

Presenting the One Square Gin

Presenting the One Square Gin

We moved onto a gin cocktail made with One Square gin. Although pleasant, we felt it didn’t do the gin justice. We prefered the non-fancy version.

We’re lucky enough to have a thriving gin scene here in Scotland. Goodness me how gin has come a long way. One Square gin is a very delicious addition. Try it soon – we promise you won’t be disappointed (and of course you could also try one of the sixty or so other gins the Concierges have at their disposal).

One Square

1 Festival Square
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Telephone: 0131 221 6422

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The photos with the exception on the still and the botanicals are courtesy of One Square.

Pickerings Gin
Summerhall Distillery
Edinburgh, EH9 1PL
Tel: 0131 290 2901
Web: www.pickeringsgin.com
Follow Pickerings Gin on Twitter

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