Not our New Year’s Resolutions

This is our take on New Year’s resolutions. These are ones that are manageable and we’ll do our darndest to keep. Of course they are all food related. There have been articles about what the must have ingredient will be in 2016, about what the new trends will be. These non-resolutions are close to our hearts and will direct our future writing.

Check back on us, won’t you?


Have a vegan week most months. Eating vegan when you go out is tricky so a week of vegan living would mean a week of staying in – a good thing – cooking everything we eat from scratch, including breads and biscuits, and getting into the habit of planning the eating week ahead. All of which saves time and money.

Mixed varieties of tomatoes to buy

More tomatoes please!

Have more dinner parties. We don’t see friends often enough. Having people over for dinner is a great way to spend time together.

Learn more about sustainable fish. I love fish and seafood and often eat it when we’re out. There are lists of what fish is sustainable but I’d like to learn more about why some species are fine on our plate and some are not.


Mine would be trying to eat vegetarian one night a week because I actually really like a lot of vegetarian food and I think it can lead to some more interesting recipes.
What do I want more? The chain mail glove or the side of beef? Gerry Neilson, Master Butcher.`

What do I want more? The chain mail glove or the side of beef? Gerry Neilson, Master Butcher.

I also want to learn to make my own dim sum and dumplings. Dumplings are one of my favourite things to eat and I feel like I really should be able to make them for myself.

Finally, I want to learn how to prepare my own meat and fish. I have basic butchery skills but I really want to build on that and, as a side note to that, I need to learn to properly maintain and sharpen my knives.


But I’m going to explore fermented foods, such as trendy kombucha tea, because they’re meant to be good for you and because I already love kimchi. A friend I met up with over the summer had fermented loads of stuff herself, like shimeji mushrooms, seaweed and various cabbages and it was all rather nice. I think it would make a great addition to lunch salads or as a quick side to pasta or meat dishes.

Cucumber and gin pickle

Cucumber and gin pickle

Along similar lines as Slaine and Caroline in some respects, I’m looking to reduce the amount of meat I eat, as well as dairy products and processed foods, especially sugary ones. For me this is largely an ethical and environmental concern as I feel my consumption of everything and anything isn’t in line with the rest of my ideals. I’m not comfortable with the impact of mass production methods across the food chain, so even the cat will be getting an ethically improved diet in the new year!

Lastly, I’d like to explore eating and drinking options in Glasgow and other Scottish towns beyond Edinburgh. Whilst the scene here is ever changing, there must be so much more out there. I’d like to grow my knowledge of English craft beer too.


It looks like dinner parties are back on the menu (sorry). We’ll host our first soon!

Created by trainee Patissiers at Ecole Banette

Created by trainee Patissiers at Ecole Banette

I’d like to improve my patisserie skills and am hoping to follow a course soon – perhaps a short one in France? Any excuse!. Perhaps not the way to go – more sugar, oh dear!

Ever on the quest for great gadgets, I’m going to discover just what you can do with a dehydrator and other items that come our way.

I’m going to develop further bread course options for those who want to step beyond the basic.

And just one last one, to explore deeper into the cookbooks I own.

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