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‘Hey,’ isn’t quite what the email said, ‘do you like pasta?’ Do I? Yes, I do! Pasta is my go to food: hungry but can’t be bothered to cook? Linguine al olio takes as long to make as the pasta takes to cook (11 minutes). Cold and tired? Spaghetti with tomatoes and chili will warm you right up. Some pasta dishes take a little more time. A proper ragu, for example, or a good tomato sugo, takes hours to make. Can’t spare the time? Enter Pasta Evangelists.

A fresh delivery of pasta - all the excitement, none of the cooking.

A fresh delivery of pasta – all the excitement, none of the cooking.

I’ve used meal planning services before. Most of them offer a variety of different cuisines. Pasta Evangelists specialise in pasta and sends it fresh, with sauces and extras, to your door. The menu is seasonal, changes weekly and always looks amazing. As well as classic meat ragus, they offer vegetarian and vegan options, and all kinds of pasta, from ribbons to stuffed shapes, gnocchi and gluten free varieties. Check out their ‘pasta of the future’ recipes. Either vegan or gluten free they offer a modern, kind to all eaters, twist on traditional recipes.

Order and it is delivered

The process is easy: order your meals, receive them in the mail, prepare and enjoy. Most meals can be frozen and last three days in the fridge. Check details when ordering. Remember: this is fresh pasta, not dried, with freshly-made sauces. The website has all the information you need, including nutritional estimates. Which is helpful – the one thing about pasta is that it’s often calorific. (But worth it!)

Mozzarella-filled gnocchi wiht tomato sauce and Parmesan. Yum!

Mozzarella-filled gnocchi with tomato sauce and Parmesan. Yum!

But what did you have, Caroline?

As you know, we’re a vegetarian household so I asked for anything that would fit that mould. My evangelist sent me two dishes: mozzarella-stuffed gnocchi with tomato sugo and pacheri – large, short tubes – with pesto.

We often served huge portions of pasta in restaurants so when we got the Pasta Evangelists package I wasn’t sure whether it was one or two portions. I could certainly have eaten it all but a look at the nutritional info made me decide to share. We had our portions with large salads. It’s the Mediterranean way (or so I tell myself).

The gnocchi were lovely. The tomato sauce was rich with a salty tang, the dumplings soft and stuffed with tomato and mozzarella. My first stuffed gnocchi – very exciting. The pacheri were also great. Pasta and pesto both shone. Excellent flavour and texture on the pasta and it held the fresh-tasting pesto perfectly. Crunchy pine nuts and Pecorino cheese added gilding to an already lovely dish.

Making the dishes is ever so easy. They come with good instructions and for the ones I tried the process were the same: cook the pasta for a few minutes, meanwhile, heat the sauce. When the pasta is done, combine and serve sprinkled with any extras. Minimal mess and fuss, maximal enjoyment.

Vibrant in look and flavour: pacheri and pesto.

Vibrant in look and flavour: pacheri and pesto.

Pasta Evangelists

Meals from about £7. Delivered to your door. Fresh and interesting pasta and sauces. Selected by you, prepared by pasta experts.

Want to try them out? Quote EDINBURGHFOODY10 at checkout to get £10 of your first order.

Caroline was invited to review by Pasta Evangelists.

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