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The Festival(s) are over and Edinburgh is peculiarly quiet. The students aren’t back yet but most of the tourists are gone. The sky is grey, the air cool. For the next month or so I’ll be mostly staying in and cooking. And since I long for entertainment – non-stop brain stimulation, sod mindfulness – I’l be cooking to pod casts and audio books. Here are the food pod casts I’m listening to at the moment. Anything I should add to the list?

POdcasts. I listen to a lot of them and am looking for recommendations for more.

Podcasts. I listen to a lot of them and am looking for recommendations for more.

My listening list for food podcasts is short and to the point:

The Food Programme – BBC Radio

The Food Programme – almot always hosted by Sheila Dillon – looks into every aspect of food culture, from farming practices to recipies to health and environment. It is involved inthe BBC Food and Farming Awards, an annual celebration of producers and products that goes into the country side and into tunnels under London with equal gusto. Fun and clever.

The Splendid Table

An American pod cast hosted by Francis Lam, The Splendid Table does interviews and stories on producers, trends and foods. American food culture is different from Brittish and it’s interesting to get a view into the width and variety of cuisines and produce on offer. The weekly show ends with a call in section where listeners ask food questions. It’s charming and quietly upbeat.

The Food Chain

Looking at the business, science and culture of food, the food chain looks more into production than recipes. And that’s what makes it intersting. It looks outside of British boards, discussing the politics of food and food control, where our products come from and how they’re made, what attitudes to food are across the globe. It’s always interesting and thought provoking.


The science and history of food, presented by Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley. This is a fortnightly podcast which is always worth the wait. Anything can turn up: I enjoyed the story of the avocado.

People talking to people about food

These two were recommended to me. It turns out, however, that I’m not interested in people, just food. If you enjoy listening to people in conversation around food and eating practices, these may be for you.

Dessert Island Dishes – Margie Broadhead

Chef Margie Broadhead talks to guests – some chefs, some not – about their lives and favourite dishes.

Hoovering – Jessica Fostekew

Comedian Jessica Fostekew (who has a voice I could listen to all day) cooks and talks to a variety of people about food and the act of eating. The podcast has a friendly and supportive feel with lots of laughter.

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