Kim’s Mini Meals – maxi authentic Korean enjoyment

Seafood bulgogi (rice out of shot) is a reallly lovely dish. The pinapple accent of the salad dressing was great.

Last night I met up with Amy at Kim’s Mini Meals on Bucchleuch Street in Newington. It’s an area with more than its fair share of Korean eateries but Kim’s is, I am assured, the original and best.  My experience of Korean cuisine is limited to what I’ve cooked myself…

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Edinburgh Fermentarium kraut and kimchi workshop

Kimchi and kraut, just hanging out.

I had planned to do very little last Thursday. Then, just before lunch, I saw that there was a space going on the Edinburgh Fermentarium kraut and kimchi workshop and jumped on it. There are more workshops coming up and here’s why you should consider going. Last updated by Caroline…

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Fun with fruit and starch – returning to childhood favourites

Dried fruit turned into wonderful, soothing soup.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine about coffee machines of yore. I told her that my favourite thing to get from the coffee machines where I worked between school and uni was fruit soup. Then I explained fruit soup. Then I asked how the apples got through…

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Cook’s Notes: A Taste of Autumn – Apples, Pears and Figs

Welcome to autumn!

October can always feel a bit daunting when it comes to food choices. Veggie boxes are full of root vegetables, sweet potatoes, and fruit such as pears, apples, spinach, figs nuts etc. With this abundance of local grown produce or even home grown (apples and pear trees) this month can…

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The Scottish Vegan Cookbook by Jackie Jones

Chestnut and chocolate tart. Oh yes, baby!

I was excited about The Scottish Vegan Cookbook and sad that I had to miss the launch at Stockbridge Library. So I got the book, selected a number of recipes to cook and had at it. This is what I made and what I thought. Last updated by Caroline von…

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Surf & Turf Holyrood – Scottish seafood and beef in happy harmony

200 grams of rare to medium sirloin. Isn't that pretty?

Every season brings change: this summer, Paul Tamborini left the Macdonald Hotel Holyrood and set off on new adventures. The new restaurant is Surf & Turf, a second outing for a concept that’s worked well for the Macdonald Hotels in St Andrews. I went to investigate. Last updated by Caroline…

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Date for your diary – Chef’s Diaries: Scotland – The 6th Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival

Chef's Diaries: Scotland

No foodie will want to miss the screening of Chef’s Diaries: Scotland on Saturday, 5th October 2019, which sees the renowned and ‘ever-hip’ Roca brothers (Joan, Jordi and Josef), travel around Scotland discovering the cuisine of this country. Last updated by Kerry Teakle at September 12, 2019.

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Sonder – elegant small plate dining in Newington

Cod in the foreground, mackerel in the background.

‘I go by here on the bus almost every day,’ said the friend I was meeting at Sonder, ‘I’ve always thought it looks nice.’ And it does. Bright and fresh in medium wood, white and sage green, it’s an inviting and cheerful space. The kitchen is open which gives the restaurant…

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Cook’s notes – courgettes, the last of the summer veggies

While we wait for the squashes to ripen, let's enjoy courgettes.

Courgettes are a wonderful seasonal fruit: yes, a fruit, not a vegetable, but usually found on the vegetable shelves.   Summer varieties continue into thicker-skinned relatives such as pumpkins and squashes in the autumn. Last updated by Maureen Clark at September 3, 2019.

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