What do you do? Days in the life of a food blogger

Lunch! My phone died around here so there's a lack of pictures of our drinks.

I’ve been involved with Edinburgh Foody for almost a decade. In that time, I’ve met a lot of interesting people, eaten a great deal of good food and learnt all kinds of things about food, cooking and the hospitality industry. Sometimes, people I meet will ask me: ‘so, do you…

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Edinburgh Restaurant Awards – and the winners are…

All the winners gathering for the final photo.

If you’ve followed foody social media this week, you might have noticed that the Edinburgh Restaurant Awards were announced on Monday night. Amy and I were there. Last updated by Caroline von Schmalensee at May 18, 2019.

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Voujon: An Indian Dining Stalwart

Butterfly king prawns at Voujon

Looking back through the EdinburghFoody archives, Voujon is a restaurant that has stood the test of time. First Caroline went in 2013, then Kerry in 2016. So, here in 2019, it was certainly my turn. And luckily for you, we’ve all eaten something different over the years! Last updated by…

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The Gardener’s Cottage – finely judged flavours

The Gardener's Cottage served a one-off, vegan-friendly From Root to Leaf tasting menu.

I’ve been wanting to visit The Gardener’s Cottage for a while. Everyone I know who have gone have really enjoyed it but a combination of my laziness with booking and the need to ensure that Christopher, my darling veggie, can eat, means it just hasn’t happened. You can imagine my…

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Cook’s notes – love tomatoes

Tomtoes: good for you and versatile in all shapes and colours.

It’s difficult to believe but tomatoes have not always been popular! Historically tomatoes were considered to be a fruit (not a vegetable) not to be eaten as the plant leaves are poisonous. How our tastes have changed over the years! Last updated by Maureen Clark at May 6, 2019.

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Looking for coffee and a good cake – part 2, 2019

Main Street Beanery is facing competition from the café at The Printing Works.

Earlier in the year I was thinking about ‘fika’, the Swedish tradition of cake, coffee and chat, and a few places around town to enjoy. Time has passed, walks have happened, coffees have been sampled and a few more places considered. Last updated by Christopher Garvie at May 6, 2019.

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The Jolly Botanist – look behind the busy front for satisfying food

Moroccan lamb chops with mint yogurt, sweet potato and couscous.

The Jolly Botanist is on Morrison Street, the bit just before Haymarket. We’ve been going there for gin and tonic since it opened. It’s usually very busy. On the one hand, that can mean fun, random meetings. On the other, it means I sometimes want to go somewhere quieter. And,…

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St Germain – From Fresh Flowers to Elegant Elixir

St Germain - from the foothills to your liquor cabinet

Spring has most definitely sprung and what better way to celebrate than with some beautiful fresh cocktails, courtesy of St Germain, the French elderflower liqueur.   I went along to the French Quarter Bar at the Voodoo Rooms, one of my favourite drinking places in Edinburgh, with my partners in crime,…

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Umi – a Japanese scene in Stockbridge

Marillo roll - as pretty as a picture and very tasty too.

The last time I ate in Stockbridge was a quick stop at Kenji’s before a friend’s birthday bash earlier in the year. I enjoyed the food but was put off by the Deliveroo riders continually opening the door on a chilly night in late January. It detracted from the experience.…

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Seitan sausages, doner and mince – experiments with gluten flour

Lentil salad with my standard seitan (jazzed up with a few olives).

I was at a vegetarian restaurant in Vienna the first time I came across seitan. It was the main ingredient in a couple of the mains and I had never heard of it. I asked, got the wrong end of the answer stick and thought it was a type of…

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