Edinburgh Uncorked – new wine fair reveals great wines at great prices

A new summer wine fair, Edinburgh Uncorked promises great wines at great prices

A new wine fair, Edinburgh Uncorked, brought to us by Diana Thompson of Wine Events Scotland (the lady behind Fizz Feast) is set to arrive in Edinburgh for the first time on Saturday, 30 May. Last updated by Kerry Teakle at February 23, 2020.

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Kora – the Mediterranean Feast comes to Edinburgh in May

Love mediterranean food and produce? I do. On a dreich Edinburgh Tuesday with 89% chance of rain I welcome anything that evokes the scent of sun-warmed sandstone, eucalyptus, lavender and a salty sea breeze. Lucky for me, a Mediterranean feast is coming to Edinburgh this year. Last updated by Caroline…

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Hey Palu – an Italian drinkery on Bread Street

Cocktail flight: what a glorious idea!

It’s a pretty rare thing that the Edinburgh Foody team gets together but this week we managed to find a date. Amy, Kerry, Maureen and I met up at Hey Palu, the Italian bar on Bread Street. It’s true: we don’t just eat, we also drink. Last updated by Caroline…

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Cook’s notes: grow yourself healthy with a garden allotment

Chard, red pepper and orange: tangy and full of vitamins and iron.

Growing your own vegetables and fruit is one of the healthiest pastimes in every way, for both mental relaxation as well as physical health, not to mention all the bracing fresh air! When working in the garden, your mind simply concentrates on nature. In this day and age when we…

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Calm Coffee – caffeine and CBD? That I’d like to try

Calm's lattes and ground coffee contain CBD, if that's your thing.

Every now and then, we’re offered products to review. Over the last couple of years, we’ve had a few offers for CBD products, from chews to beauty products. I’ve not accepted any of them because I’m not particularly interested in CBD (and we do food, not supplements). Then I was…

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83 Hanover Street serves Sunday brunch worth braving storms for

A feast for your eyes (and your stomach).

Last week I sat comfy in the window of 83 Hanover Street, sipping a Sundaytini and watching the rain and hail pelt the stairs outside. There  are few things I like more than being inside when the weather outside it high-level awful. I was very glad that I’d braved the weather because…

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Farmacy Kitchen Cookbook by Camilla Fayed

Farmacy Kitchen Cookbook was a Christmas gift from a member of my family. The book is from the founder of London’s Farmacy restaurant. It is a well-presented book with beautiful photography and very inspirational recipes (all plant-based.) Last updated by Maureen Clark at February 6, 2020.

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Edinburgh New Town Cookery School celebrates 10 Years with 10 new courses

Red Thai curry paste - I'll no longer be resorting to a shop bought paste - this was so easy

One of Edinburgh Foody’s former bloggers took a sabbatical last summer, putting her time to good use by doing a month’s course at the Edinburgh New Town Cookery School (ENTCS) on Queen Street.  Some of us aren’t quite that lucky to afford that much time out from our day jobs…

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Bondkakor (farm biscuits) – making a Swedish classic a little fancier with pistachios & chocolate

Tender, rich and rather lovely: fancy farm biscuits.

There was butter in the fridge and I realised I needed to use it. So I went to my favourite Swedish cookbook, the one that’s been with me since I was a kid, and looked through the biscuits there. I was quickly reminded of how much I like bondkakor (farm…

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The Food of Sichuan by Fuchsia Dunlop

The Christmas gift that keeps on giving (even if this is the page I keep returning to).

For Christmas I got the latest edition the The Food of Sichuan by Fuchsia Dunlop. I was immediately excited: we have a lot of cookbooks but none on Chinese cookery. Here was a beautiful volume on a specific region. I could hardly wait to finish the Christmas foods so I…

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