The Stockbridge Restaurant Revisited

Sea Bass Stockbridge Restaurant

Unlike Caroline, I’d always been a little wary of The Stockbridge Restaurant. To me, dark walls, heavy curtains and white table clothes were more old fashioned than inviting. But what better reason to try a place than to prove yourself wrong? Last updated by AmyB at January 8, 2017.

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Glengoyne whisky, orange and almond cake – an alternative Christmas dessert

OFM Awards 2016 Best Reader's Recipe - A Glengoyne Whisky, Orange and Almond Cake

In October, I had an early Christmas present, being presented with the Best Reader’s Recipe at the Observer Food Monthly Awards, which were held at a glittering ceremony at the Freemason’s Hall in London. It was the biggest secret I have ever kept. I had found out in August but…

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Forage & Chatter treats seasonal ingredients with skill and love

Apple and meadow sweet gratin, yoghurt in an elevated form at Forage & Chatter.

I was a huge fan of Edinburgh Larder Bistro, the last occupant of the down’stairs corner unit at 1 Alva Street. I was therefore very curious indeed when invited to review the new occupant: Forage & Chatter. It’s maybe unfair going to a restaurant when you’re, as it were, thinking…

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A Pate Party: Castle MacLellan

Castle McLellan pate

I was intrigued by Castle MacLellan’s suggestion of hosting a Pate Party, in order to sample their pate range in the company of friends. Always a fan of alliteration, I was quickly persuaded to give their pates a try. For our Pate Party, we got together on bonfire night (sorry…

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Gin71: tea by day, gin-inspired dining by night

Gin - we're in the fright place for ut, venison tartare, deconstructed Wellington and gin-cured salmon. All good, all interesting.

I like gin as much as the next person but must admit that my first reaction to the phrase “gin-inspired menu” was ambivalence. On the one hand, how exciting! All those botanicals – all those flavours – can only mean interesting cooking. On the other hand, it could end up being…

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Deadly Donuts by day, dinner by night

Deadly donuts food is pushing the boundaries taste and texture wise

Krispy Kreme’s aside, there’s a donut revolution happening in Edinburgh, and no shortage of places offering these gorgeous gooey delights that have taken on the good old cupcake as a fantastic accompaniment to a cup of coffee. Now one such establishment, Deadly Donuts in Marchmont, is looking to push the…

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Wedgwood: delicious textures and flavours

Butternut squash and spinach rotolo. Beautiful!

Wedgwood impressed when we visited three years ago. I was hoping we’d have a similarly good experience this time and – not keeping you on tenter hooks here – we did. The restaurant is on the Royal Mile, next door’s to Cranachan & Crowdie. It’s a cozy, fine dining establishment with…

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Cau – moo-ving steak to another level in Edinburgh

Head to Cau for some of the best tasting steak served with some smooth Malbecs

Cau, the Argentinian steak restaurant opened in Castle Street back in August. To mark their recent arrival in Edinburgh, Edinburgh Foody was invited to an exclusive beer and wine evening hosted by Cau’s expert griller, Dom Ashworth and Head of Bars, Alex McNeil with some other Edinburgh bloggers and journalists.…

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Jack Rising: Kaiko Tulloch’s deliciously clever #TNCalling entry

Kaiko Tulloch, the brains behind the Jack Rising, with the ingredients that make up the drink.

Over the last few weeks, Edinburgh’s been the place for cocktails. There’s a shaking and a stirring. One of the reasons for this is Tennessee Calling, a Jack Daniel’s-based cocktail competition. Mixologists all over Scotland have been competing, hoping to get on a shortlist of ten for the final judging.…

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