Drinks Biscuits – the snack paired to be eaten with drinks

Cornish Saison beer paired with Drinks Biscuits Lancashire Cheese & Spring Onion

Who doesn’t love something to nibble on when imbibing?  I certainly do.  I normally have a supply of the dough for my mum’s legendary cheese biscuits or Wendy Barrie’s savoury shortbreads in the freezer but on less organised days, then I sometimes have to resort to something shop-brought.  Of course,…

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AVA strawberries – manna and ambrosia in fruit form

There are few things that says summer to me as loudly and clerarly as a strawberry and whipped cream sponge.

I jumped on the email that offered to send me some strawberries, then went to Glasgow and left Christopher to wait for them. Last Friday, a basket with over a kilo of AVA strawberries arrived. Christopher promptly – and quite rightly – had a punnet for dessert. The livingroom was…

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Contini George Street toasts double centenary for National Negroni Week

Head to Contini to try the new Martini Fiero Spritz - it's the perfect summer drink

With National Negroni Week (24th-30th June) this week, Edinburgh’s Contini George Street is raising a toast to a double centenary. Mixologists at the family-run Italian restaurant have created a special menu of five new Negroni cocktails to mark not only the centenary of the classic Italian tipple, but also the…

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Kukina – Turkish food on Leith Walk

Kukina's classic platter

I have a love affair with Middle Eastern food, so it’s great to see the opening of another new eatery, Kukina, in my neck of the woods.  Its menu is packed full of fresh, organic Turkish street food and meze and is worth checking out. Last updated by Kerry Teakle…

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Grazing by Mark Greenaway

Snacks by Mark Greenaway

I finally got the longed for invite to Grazing by Mark Greenaway, who has moved into Edinburgh’s Waldorf Astoria hotel, taking over the space which previously housed the Galvin brothers’ Brasserie de Luxe. I’d been along to the launch in April but had somehow managed to miss most of the…

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Experiencing Edinburgh – street food and markets

Sunhine on Leith Market.

Edinburgh offers a lot of interesting eating experiences all year round. Because the weather’s temperate (never hot, never that cold) we also get markets all year round. This post is a quick round-up of places you can go to buy or eat food. Last updated by Caroline von Schmalensee at…

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Dining in for vegetarians – trying a Friday night treat

Dressing up my veggie burger with a crunchy salad and doenjong sauce for wedges (and burger too).

A couple of weeks ago I decided to have a look at the ‘dine in’ offer at a popular high-street food court. For years, I’ve heard people croon about M&S food and I have been known to dip into their take-away food isle myself. This is the first I’ve tried…

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The Spice Pioneer reinvigorates Kerry’s International Dining Club

The Goan Spice Pioneer box - chicken Goan xacuti, dhal curry, panch phoran cauliflower with spinach and pilau rice

Thanks to the Spice Pioneer kits, ‘The International Dining Club’, which Kerry used to be an honorary member of, got its second lease of life, after a demise of six years. Last updated by Kerry Teakle at June 5, 2019.

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Cook’s notes – cool cucumbers

Cucumbers: floral and fresh.

The humble cucumber is often regarded as just another minor ingredient to salad but nothing could be further from the truth!    Yet another of these natural foods that are packed full of healthy nutrients, the cucumber’s greatest strength is its concentration of – WATER!    Cucumbers are 96% water – which…

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The Extraordinary Italian Taste

Chef Ruisi demonstrates #Extraordinary Italian Taste

Italy has over 810 agri-food products and wines recognised as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) by the European Union, making Italy a leading country for food and wine excellence.s. Last week, I was invited along by the Scottish branch of the Italian Chamber of Commerce…

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