The West Room – a taste of Venice in Edinburgh’s West End

Crunchy grissini, crocquettas, fried courgette flowers.

It has been a few months since The West Room launched in Edinburgh’s West End and we it was time to return and try out their delicacies on a normal evening. We went on a quiet Tuesday night in January. Compared to other venues in the area, The West Room…

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Yamato: “Yes Please” Japanese

Edinburgh Foody at Yamoto

From the first page of the menu I felt a wave of delight. There was chawanmushi, and there was dobinmushi; two of my favourite dishes, so rarely found in the UK. Their presence immediately signalled a flair of authenticity.  Last updated by AmyB at January 23, 2019.

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Bagri, Sofia: a Taste of Bulgaria

Colourful potato salad

With no particular reason to visit Bulgaria, Dad and I found snowy Sofia made for a charming weekend break. Even right in the city centre, it’s rich in history. Dotted amongst the post-Soviet apartment blocks, you’ll find Roman ruins in your local subway station, or a tiny medieval church below…

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Looking for coffee and a good cake

The view from Don't tell mama. (It's OK, you can tell anyone you like. Really.)

As Caroline prepares for a quick return trip to Stockholm, I am thinking of the missed opportunities for ‘fika’ while I remain in Edinburgh. It has been a while since Edinburgh Foody strolled the streets to taste the local coffees and this week offers a chance to resolve that. This…

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Predictions for 2019

Happy new year!

Some years we try to predict what we’ll do in the months to come. This year, we’re sticking our necks out and looking at what might happen in the world of food in 2019. Think we got it right? Let us know. Last updated by Caroline von Schmalensee at December…

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Foods we miss: the ingredients of memory

A woman eats fish and chips on her lap.

I was talking to Christopher about the things I missed when I first arrived to Edinburgh. Good bread was one of those things. Since then, my opinion of what good bread is has changed a lot. The stuff I loved when I was a child doesn’t cut it anymore. It made…

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Christmas presents for foodies: the 2018 edition

Give the gift of a Christmas dinner to a homeless person, thanks to Social Bite

Here’s some of the Edinburgh Foody top tips on Christmas presents for foodies. This year’s suggestions range from gadgets to literature. from experiences to kindness. Last updated by Caroline von Schmalensee at December 18, 2018.

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Spice Pots – Taking the hassle out of batch cooking

Spice Pots Curry Gift Set - the answer to all your catering worries

Make the festive period a little less stressful with some batch cooking and with a little help from  Spice Pots, things really couldn’t be easier.   When you’ve had enough of turkey and pigs in blankets, what could be more comforting than a curry served with fluffy rice?   The only thing…

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The Beach House Pop Up Supper Club

'Feed a cold' - the main of chicken, walnut and pomegranate stew and bean kofte

On a wet Tuesday a couple of weeks ago, I ventured further afield to Portobello to the Beach House Cafe to sample their first ever pop up supper club. Despite the weather and feeling under the weather myself, it was more than worth the effort for what turned out to…

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York: food, art and history (with the focus on food)

Tofush from Source - best enjoyed in my company.

We went to York for my birthday. I haven’t been before and didn’t really know what to expect. A city, somewhat smaller than Edinburgh, similarly old. And Vikings. Vikings was the reason we went. (It’s a tenuous reason, but there you are.) I was hoping for good food and wad…

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