Experiments in fermentation: the funky side of the kitchen

Kimchi in action: we're fermenting for pleasure rather than to keep vegetables out of season.

There comes a time in any foody’s life when you want to recreate specific flavours. With some of us, it’s a desire to cook a perfect 5-star meal. With others, it’s jamming, pickling, drying. Or fermenting. Amy and I have both caught the fermentation bug. Here’s a story about some of…

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Clark and Lake Charcuterie and Bar – raclette or your life

Raclette. Oh my, was it good! (Stop drooling.)

Raclette. There are a couple of places in Edinburgh where you can get this most fabulous of melted cheeses. Amy and I headed to Clark and Lake the last night in January to talk about an upcoming post and get in on there special January raclette offer (sorry guys –…

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Walnut pasta – a filling recipe for chilly days

Walnut pasta: quick, easy, delish.

It’s January and I’m trying to go out less. This means cooking more. For all kinds of reasons, I’m not in the mood to cook (something I’ll discuss in a later post) so I look for simple and fast dishes that are tasty and ideally also healthy. This walnut pasta…

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Twenty Princess Street – winter warmers

Hello, handsome! I think I've mentioned my love of lamb before. This lil' leg was treated with utmost respect.

The last time I was at Twenty Princes Street it was with Amy and we did the grill a disservice by not ordering from it. (Oysters! Lobster!) This time, I took Christopher, resident vegetarian, for a pick-me up meal on a chilly Thursday. Last updated by Caroline von Schmalensee at…

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Plant-based diets – a trend in the nick of time?

Tofu-fried rice topped with crunchy I Seamore Bacon.

A few years ago I was interested to see that Scandinavian food, ingredients and ways of thinking about food was all the rage. Then clean eating happened. Always one to try to resist a fad I kept schtum about that one. Recently, I was listning to the BBC’s Food Program…

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Break the Chain: Eat Local

Ginger chicken udon at Wagamama

In his most recent quarterly rant, fellow blogger and friend Lunchquest bemoaned “the arrival of the chain-dominated ‘cuisine quarter’ in St Andrew Square,” along with the expansion of the Christmas markets. It seems the rise of big names in the city centre has lead to a downturn in trade for local…

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Under the Stairs – an interesting home away from home

The med sharing board: all the olives you can eat.

Last year Sainsbury Magazine asked me to recommend an Edinburgh restaurant that was interesting but not too expensive. I suggested Under the Stairs. Here’s why. Last updated by Caroline von Schmalensee at January 16, 2018.

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Kombucha: ancient brews and my #kombuchastory

Kombucha tasting at Aizle: raw, grenadine in the front, spiced orange in back. Nice.

Amy loves kombucha. I had it – highly flavoured and mixed with chia seeds – in Austin a few years ago and was not impressed. Always willing to give things another go, last year I spent a fascinating couple of hours at Aizle learning how to make kombucha and tasting…

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Spinach soup: an injection of iron and colour in the cold

Spinach soup makes me happy and injects much needed colour on a grey winter's every-day.

The post-Christmas period can be a bit gloomy. We’re back at work, we’ve finished all the fun eating and drinking treats, mornings and nights are still dark. For me, cooking becomes a chore. The solution? Soup. Homemade soup is delicious, healthy, easy to make and can be as colourful as…

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Cocoa Runners: chocolate by subscription

A haul of chocolate delights from Cocoa Runners (the TAZA was handmilled. A texture to get get used to. The Marou was simply fab.

In the Christmas present post, I mentioned that I get chocolate by mail. Christopher and I like chocolate, specifically dark chocolate. On of our favourites is Sainsbury’s Ecuadorian 70% (aka the green one). To shake things up, I decided to subscribe to Cocoa Runners. Last updated by Caroline von Schmalensee…

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