The art of food and drink decoration

As a gardener, I particularly like this time of year when the seed catalogues come through the door. I love flicking through the pages and dreaming of the garden I could have, if only the weather were better/I had more time/I were more green fingered.

InspiredbyFood from Squires

InspiredbyFood from Squires

As a cook, what catalogues do we have? Lakeland? I get rather frustrated with Lakeland’s catalogue – too many weird gadgets for me, but I know many love it.

There’s something rather indulgent in spending time absorbed in a catalogue rather than clicking through web pages, so I was pleased to discover another magazine/catalogue to delve into “Inspired by food” from Squires Kitchen.  Now, you can see all the items in the magazine on their website, but I’ve spent a while browsing off line (well, okay quite a long while).

There are tools of the trade for jam makers, chocolate transfers, recipes (chocolate cake pops anyone), some very serious impression moulds for cake decorators and 2 pages of candles to put on cakes and umpteen other things such as silicon moulds (and you’ll know how much Caroline and I like our moulds). I’m hooked. The magazine version costs £5.95, but of course you can shop online.

I’m just pleased I can source some chocolate couverture for the Chocolate Recipe book I am reviewing …

You can order the magazine online.

Established over 25 years ago, Squires Kitchen manufactures over 2,000 own-brand, high quality, innovative products for the cake decorating and sugarcraft market worldwide.

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Food is my passion and in particular bread - I have just qualified as a professional bread baker after 5 months in France. I am always curious about new foods, ingredients, suppliers, chefs, restaurants both in Scotland and further afield and love sharing my ideas

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  1. Try poundland for silicon moulds! Surprisingly good…

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