Things we love September – Baking and Bacon

Edinburgh folk are breathing sighs of relief as the city returns to normal. We’re all hooked on Great British Bake off and are always looking for tasty treats. Autumn is not going to be that bad is it?

The monthly “Things we Love” grew out of the section we have in our newsletter. It’s for items that don’t quite fit in elsewhere – we might have been sent something to try, we might have found something ourselves. It is simply things we love.

Baked and Delicious – Decorated Cakes and Sweets

Bake and Delcious is both a print magazine and a baking community website with a digital version of the magazine.

The eclairs I made following the Baked and Delicious Instructions

The eclairs I made following the Baked and Delicious Instructions

If you want to try something new or learn a new skill there’s often the issue of having to buy the tools to do it. The Decorated Cakes and Sweets magazine I was sent featured mini eclairs and came complete with a shaped silicon mould and filling tool for the eclairs. There are find step-by-step instructions which proved easy to follow together with other recipes and tips.

On the website you can watch video tutorials, find recipes and equipment and should you so wish upload photos of what you’ve created. We’ll be checking this website out in more detail but in the meantime, sign up for a free 30 day trial – there’s nothing to loose! If you want to buy the magazine head over to the Eaglemoss Website

Baked and Delicious on Facebook

Choco Writers

Having recently created a Thomas the Tank Engine cake (with plenty of help) I know just how time consuming this sort of cake making and decorating is. After all your efforts, you’d like to add the finishing touches easily.

I have been trying out Choco Writers made by Cake Decor. These re-sealable tubes are heated up to get the filling flowing. You snip the end off the tube and then write, decorate or drizzle. The tubes came in three flavours, dark, milk and white chocolate. It took a little experimentation to work out when to take the tubes out of the hot water. They needed to be cool enough to handle, but hot enough to flow well.

More practice needed, but Chocowriters are fun and easy to use!

More practice needed, but Chocowriters are fun and easy to use!

I discovered that it was better to be generous rather than having too light a touch with the shapes. Honestly, I could have fiddled for hours. If you don’t want to make fancy shapes or write names, I found they were extremely effective for drizzling patterns on the top of a cake too!

You can buy these at Asda and Sainsbury and have a long shelf life even after opening. There are lots of other cake decorating accessories on their website too.

My Cake Decor on Twitter

My Cake Decor on Facebook

Cure and Simple – Bacon by Post

I kept seeing Cure and Simple mentioned on Twitter. I was curious. The idea of delivering bacon by post seemed rather odd – would it be fresh when it arrived? Well there was only one way to find out. I signed up.

A simple supper with my Cure and Simple Bacon

A simple supper with my Cure and Simple Bacon

You pick a date when you’d like it to arrive, choose a flavour – there are 6 different types plus a 7th which is mixture and it is posted by first class post.  I signed up for a monthly delivery and it was posted straight through the letter box.

In practice it seems to take two days rather than one to get up to Scotland from Hertfordshire, so bear that in mind when you choose the day you want it – Friday is not a good idea if you are away for the weekend and it arrives Saturday. It is, I must say, very easy to amend delivery dates and flavours.

It is truly fabulous bacon, no extra water and tastes just as bacon should. If you’d like to try your first pack for £3.95 use the code jhv3zm at the checkout.

Cure and Simple on Twitter

Cure and Simple on Facebook

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