Electric pepper mill: a new gadget

Salter Electric Pepper Mill

Salter Electric Pepper Mill

It took me years and years to find a good pepper mill. I had ones in all shapes and sizes but none worked too well. Until I discovered one in of all places TKMaxx. I didn’t realise it was a “Rolls Royce” of pepper mills created by Peugeot at the time, but at last I had found one that worked.

It’s now looking a little worse for wear and perhaps doesn’t grind quite as well as it did. So I was interested in trying out an Salter electric pepper mill. How would it compare?

It’s an elegant tall mill that at first glance looks like many other mills. Having not read the instructions, I was wondering just how you got the pepper to grind. Easy if you’ve 4 AA batteries to hand. The batteries actually sit in the base where you’d usually expect the pepper dust to emit. You fill the mill from the top – which is very easy to do. Now the strange bit, you tip it upside down to grind! Just as if you were shaking salt onto a meal.

To begin with it feels rather odd not to use your hands, but simply tip, but it soon becomes second nature. You can adjust the fineness of the ground pepper by twisting a knob at the top. Here’s the rub. It doesn’t grind particularly finely even with the knob adjusted to its finest setting. If this doesn’t worry you too much, I’d say this is an excellent addition to the kitchen and at £20 or less, it’s a lot less than a new Peugeot hand grinder.

Salter 7604CLXR Electronic Mill


Top: Fine ground; Bottom: coarse ground pepper

Top: Fine ground; Bottom: coarse ground pepper

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  1. I am surprised to hear you say that your pepper mill is now worst for wear? a peugeot? I had mine for along long time and it is impeccable. But I am not sure about salt mill…I got a clear acrylic one (not nancy) but I prefer the cole& mason…can anyone tell me which peugeot salt mills are best? thanks

    • It’s actually still in use! I managed to find the right settings for it to grind properly. I would certainly still consider buying another Peugot, but regretfully cannot tell you which ones are best!

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