Our top 7 Christmas recipes

Glögg and ginger thins are important winter delights.

Glögg and ginger thins are important winter delights.

I know, you’re already feeling a bit overwhelmed about all you need to achieve before Christmas. Most of these recipes can be done in stages and just think of the look on the faces of family and friends who try your handiwork!  Here are our top 7 that you can start making now. The links go through to our original posts.

LED tea lights add cozy light to the house.

LED tea lights add cozy light to the house.

Christmas Cake

This is such an easy recipe. Soaking the fruit in advance makes a moist cake that definitely doesn’t need any dosing up before Christmas. It keeps very well too.
Christmas cake recipe.

Gingerbread House

We think that the ultimate Christmas decoration isn’t a Christmas Tree but a Gingerbread House. Great fun for you or the kids to decorate. Our recipe is definitely not complicated. Gingerbread House recipe

Chocolate truffles - nutty, crunchy, seriously chocolate.

Chocolate truffles – nutty, crunchy, seriously chocolate.

Chocolate Truffles

Ours are made with dark chocolate and are both gluten and dairy free. Just try not to eat them all first! Chocolate Truffle recipe

Glögg (Mulled Wine)

Let us introduce you to Swedish Glögg – mulled wine. It’s such a wonderful drink to have on a chilly festive night.  We’ve also got a recipe for Christmas Snaps, but we should have reminded you to make it back in September – sorry about that!


If you’re one of those people who are not fond of mincepies, you’ll be converted if you use your own mincemeat mixture. Make it today and leave it to mature a few weeks before using. Such an easy recipe!

Flaming the Christmas Pudding

Flaming the Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding

We share Mr EF’s Great Grandfather’s recipe. You can make it your own by including a beer from your locality. Brandy butter or white sauce are perfect accompaniments. Great Grandfather’s Christmas Pudding Recipe

Limoncello (or other fruit liqueur)

Yes I made mine in the summer, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make it at this time of year. Do seek out either organic lemons or ones that have no wax on the skin. You can also use other fruits very successfully. Limoncello recipe

And a wee bonus

I realise we’ve never shared our recipe for brandy butter. This of course, you’ll make closer to Christmas day, but a little preparation is well worth the effort. The ingredient that makes all the difference to this recipe is vanilla sugar. Place one or more vanilla pods in a jam jar of caster sugar, shake and leave to infuse. Use and top up as you like – the pods last for a long time!  If you’ve used a whole vanilla pod in another dish, dry it off and add it to the sugar. It’s never wasted! This is one of those recipes where you need to taste it to get it to the balance of sugar and alcohol that works for you!.

Brandy Butter

125gr salted butter at room temperature
2tbs vanilla sugar
2-3 tbs brandy – the better brandy you use, the better brandy butter it will be!

Beat the butter and sugar together to form a smooth mixture, add the brandy and mix again. Taste and add either more sugar or brandy as required. Place in a pretty pot. This will keep very well in the fridge.

Let us know how you get on!

Christmas snaps

Christmas snaps

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We’ve lots of lovely original recipes for you to try!



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