Mithas spices up July with Indian street food

Dining at Mithas

Dining at Mithas

Love Indian Food? Love trying something new? We suggest heading off to Mithas’ Street Food Festival. It will take place between the 1st and 17th July. If you’ve not been to Mithas in Leith yet, this is a great introduction. It’s my kind of eating, lots of different dishes to dip into. Although we have to admit at the preview we were, to be indelicate, stuffed at the end of our meal. Our top tip – go with a very empty stomach!

Mithas is located on Dock place, Leith

Mithas is located on Dock place, Leith

For those of you who are new to Mithas, it is different. First of all, the interior decoration is simply gorgeous, you get a sense of no expense spared but with excellent design sense. We particularly enjoy the friendly welcome whenever we go there. You can even peer into part of the kitchen and watch food being cooked in the tandoor ovens. There’s also something you really wouldn’t expect – a cocktail bar! If cocktails are your thing, this is where to go for some rather special concoctions.

For current customers, the Street Food Festival provides the chance for the chefs to present different street foods from all over India and you can see that they really rise to the challenge.

Five of Edinburgh’s finest bloggers sat down to sample the menu on your behalf. Well, someone had to do it!  The lighting in Mithas challenged us a little at times, so please use a little imagination with the photos!

We particularly liked the drinks that were served throughout the meal complementing the flavours.

Let’s us introduce you to the dishes:

Lemon/lime cumin flavoured water with boondi

Lemon/lime cumin flavoured water with boondi

Lemon/lime cumin flavoured water with boondi (crisp & fried gram flour tiny balls) floating on the top. (Jal-jeera) North India. A lovely citrus-y flavour on front of mouth with a bit of spice heat.

3 dips/pickles: Tomato/onion; mixed pickle incl okra; mint chutney

Mussels in a masala sauce; Cone from Mumbai; Dhokla from Gujarat.

Mussels in a masala sauce; Cone from Mumbai; Dhokla from Gujarat.

Mussels in a masala sauce – Mr EF is not a great fan of mussels, but wolfed these down. A cone from Mumbai with puffed rice, vermicelli, peanuts, with mint/coriander/tamarind coating – very like Bombay mix – this definitely doesn’t picture well! Dhokla from Gujarat which is a fermented batter of rice, chickpeas + cumin mustard.

Sugar cane juice this has a delicate, sweetish flavour (Ganne ka Ras)

Dumpling – fine flour stuffed with chickpeas, lentil and tamarind sauce. (Raj Kachori) Whitebait fried with a spicy coating. perhaps a little oily for our taste

Dumpling (Raj Kachori) : Whitebait; Chicken wings

Dumpling (Raj Kachori): Whitebait; Chicken wings

Chicken wings covered with ginger/garlic paste and spices. Gullar Seekh kebab. Finely minced lamb infused with spices and cheese, baked in the oven. These had to be our favourite

‘Urid’ lentil dumplings, fried and boiled with yoghurt and tamarind. (Dahl Bhalla)

Gullar Seekh kebab; Urid lentil dumplings; Dahl Bhalla; Crispy Golden fried Prawns

Gullar Seekh kebab;
Urid lentil dumplings; Dahl Bhalla; Crispy Golden fried Prawns

Crispy Golden fried Prawns on skewers crusted with coconut – our second favourite.

Chicken on the bone (Dhaba chicken) spicy tomato sauce South Indian dry veg. (Vegetable Tak-a Tak) served with rice Jeera pulao) and mixed lentils (Kabila dahl)

Dessert: Mango kulfi; Ras Malai.

Dessert: Mango kulfi; (Ras Malai).

Dessert: Mango kulfi (superb), and cottage cheese dumplings which were lovely (Ras Malai). and last but no means least milk infused with various nuts kept overnight, then served chilled. Definitely had a nutty flavour. (Thandai) From Rajasthan.

Buttermilk drink

Buttermilk drink

We had a buttermilk drink with salt in it which wasn’t quite to our taste.

The menu is £29.95 per person (drinks are extra). Don’t miss the chance to try these great dishes. They won’t be there for long!

Mithas 7 Dock Place, Leith Edinburgh EH6 6LU


Tel: 0131 554 0008 Follow Mithas on Twitter or Facebook

Three spicy dips/pickles

Three spicy dips/pickles

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  1. What a fantastic event, I thought it only lasted a day or two and was worried I’d miss it but I love everything to do with spice and Indian food so I’ll be there!

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