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I’ve chosen a good day to write this post. There are special days in Edinburgh when the sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue. There’s usually a crispness to the air and today is no exception – a good breeze is blowing. It’s something I wish I could bottle up and share.

We’ve been writing the blog for 5 years now. One aspect we particularly enjoy is when someone gets in touch for our recommendations of where to eat or what foodie things to do or see. We ask a few questions and go from there. A few weeks later we may get a message back saying “that restaurant was fabulous”. It makes the effort worthwhile.

We love this #nofilter challenge set to bloggers in Edinburgh by London City Airport. We take this as being authentic, getting beneath the skin of our city. Letting visitors see things as they really are. And as we only talk about food related topics, we’ll leave the tour of the landmarks to someone else!

Here are some our favourite photos that capture a moment. We’ve included a little sun for you and some inspirational food. Practice makes perfect they say – we love discovering everything foodie about Edinburgh and passing it on.

To market, to market to buy a?

A perfect sunny day at Edinburgh Farmer's Market

A perfect sunny day at Edinburgh Farmer’s Market

Does any other market have such an amazing back drop as Edinburgh’s Farmers’ Market? Our tip? Always look up, it’s suprising what you will see! This market is held each Saturday and one of many markets around the city. Such a great way to taste the local produce and meet the suppliers.

Seafood and eat it

The star of the lunch - the oyster

The star of lunch at Ondine – the oyster

Scotland’s seafood is always a star on any good menu. This is a perfect way to eat an oyster (especially if it something you are not used to). This photograph captures some of the sun’s sparkle and makes the mouth water. Our tip: Never use a flash setting, be unobtrusive in a restaurant but take several photos of the same dish to avoid disappointment.

Getting hands on

Orange and cardamon ganache covered in dark chocolate and decorated with almonds and candied orange peel. Look at us work.

Making chocolates at Edinburgh New Town Cookery School.

We just love the opportunity to learn something new. Caroline recently spent a day at Edinburgh New Town Cookery school and created these amazing chocolates – orange and cardamon ganache covered in dark chocolate. She was taught by a Highland chocolatier who shared some of her secrets. Our tip? Zoom in, it is amazing how a close up captures the essence of something much larger.

It’s all about passion

Edinburgh loves a good festival and preferably one with food. We love nothing better than watching a chef talking and demonstrating. Here Jamie Scott winner of last year’s Professional Masterchef gives us tips on how to cook seafood. Action shots are tricky. Our tip: If you can, put your camera on a setting that allows you take multiple photos quickly. One from those you take will be just fine!

Jamie Scott cooks at Foodies Festival

Jamie Scott cooks at Foodies Festival

Scottish travel expert Keith from Travelling Savage will choose which of the Edinburgh #nofilter posts shows the true essence of Edinburgh – we hope ours hit the spot. It’s been fun taking part!

Visiting Edinburgh? Our top tips

  • Follow local bloggers, you’ll find out the latest and greatest places to eat and drink.
  • The official guide to Edinburgh will have everything you need.
  • Sign up for our newsletter – we include events coming up in the next few weeks.
  • We’ve an amazing number of artisan bakeries. There will be one near where you are staying.
  • The National Library of Scotland has an amazing collection of cookery books dating back hundreds of years. Don’t miss the free Lifting the Lid exhibition which runs until November 2015.
  • Sign up to Itison which often has discounts for foodie shows.
  • Sign up for a course:

Bread Making

Edinburgh New Town Cookery School

Edinburgh School of Food and Wine

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