Fahrenheit Bar and Grill at the Genting Club’s new menu is a good bet

I have been to the cinema at Fountain Park many times and so was aware of the Genting Casino but had never been inside and certainly had not registered that there was a restaurant within. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when the Bassist and I were led downstairs into a spacious, well decorated dining area at the far side of the casino floor. Cleverly, the restaurant in on a raised area so diners can still be part of the excitement of the card room while also being clearly delineated.

We were asked if we would like to start with the restaurant’s artisanal bread board while we examined the menu and, greedy sorts that we are, we eagerly agreed. In short order a slate piled with different kinds of bread arrived, and we were very excited to see that in addition to butter, we were furnished with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, a dish of roasted garlic, and a generous pile of parmesan shavings. The breads on offer were tasty and varied but it was the roasted garlic that really brought a smile to my face.

Artisanal breadboard - note the generous ramekin of roasted garlic

Artisanal breadboard – note the generous ramekin of roasted garlic

With our bread there to take the edge of our appetites, we were better able to turn our attention to the menu. I decided to order potted mackerel and a sirloin steak, while the Bassist opted for seared king scallops with pea purée and crispy pancetta followed by braised BBQ pork belly with caramelised apple mash and Savoy cabbage. Our waiter, Lorenzo, was happy to recommend a bottle of wine to go with our choices, and immediately came across as knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the food.

Potted mackerel

Potted mackerel

The starters arrived looking very pretty indeed and we both dug in with gusto. The potted mackerel consisted of a flavoursome mackerel paté with some sweet but tangy pickled shallots and beads of balsamic vinegar. The paté was creamy, the natural flavour of the fish enhanced with some dill, while the pickled shallots were sweet and sharp in order to cut through the richness of the mackerel. The Bassist’s scallops were also delicious; perfectly cooked so as to be caramelised on the outside but still soft and tender within. The pancetta was beautifully crispy and the fennel seeds alongside the pea purée added an extra dimension to quite a traditional flavour combination.

Seared scallops with crispy pancetta and pea purée

After the starters, we were both very excited for the rest of the meal. The bread board had been promising but the starters really set the tone for what we expected to be a very good dinner indeed. The Bassist’s pork arrived looking very appealing with a rich, glossy sauce, while my steak was a generous size with a hefty portion of chips. While the steak was good and well cooked according to my specifications, the chips were something of a disappointment. They were slightly oily and not as crisp on the outside as I would have liked. The accompanying bearnaise sauce, however, was delicious. The Bassist’s pork was delicious, tender and fatty with a deeply smoky BBQ sauce that he proclaimed to be worthy of any Texan BBQ house (high praise indeed from a former resident of that state). The caramelised apple mash was a pleasing accompaniment and, although in true Texas fashion the Bassist was somewhat indifferent to the cabbage, I was happy with the bit of crunch and greenery it added to the plate.

Sirloin steak and chips

Sirloin steak and chips

Starters and main courses demolished, it was time to peruse the puddings on offer. I was immediately drawn to the kirsch infused cherry bakewell tart, while the Bassist opted for the Baileys panna cotta with shortbread and berry compote. Despite my best intentions to photograph our puddings, they arrived looking far too tempting and our plates were clear before I realised my error! The tart was delicious, with fine, crisp pastry (I did my best Mary Berry impression and checked thoroughly for the dreaded soggy bottom). The cherries were sweet and slightly boozy from the kirsch and the frangipane was well made, exactly what one would hope from a bakewell tart. The Bassist’s pana cotta was also a hit; although it had appeared quite firm when it arrived, it melted into glorious creaminess in the mouth, offset by the sharp berry compote.

Braised pork belly with caramelised apple mash, cabbage, and a devilishly good BBQ sauce

Braised pork belly with caramelised apple mash, cabbage, and a devilishly good BBQ sauce

While the food was good enough to recommend the restaurant on its own, the real star of the evening was the service. Our waiter, Lorenzo, was the perfect mix of friendly and attentive, without being overbearing. He was clearly very knowledgeable about the menu and excited by the food on offer, and his wine recommendations were perfect. Without him, I would have classed the restaurant as somewhere to go in Fountain Park for a better dining experience than I had thought it possible to find there, but he elevated it to a place to go for a really enjoyable evening out. I would thoroughly recommend Fahrenheit as somewhere to take a date or visiting family members for good food and quality service, even if you don’t intend to gamble.


Fahrenheit Bar and Grill at the Genting Club Fountainpark

124 Dundee Street

Visit their website to view the menus or book.

Find the restaurant on Facebook.


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