Wagamama’s steamed buns: my latest Asian craving

As a family we often have a default mode of grabbing a pizza before we head to the movies, so it was really refreshing to receive an invite from Wagamamas to pop in and try their new selection of hirata steamed buns over the holidays.

Korean BBQ Beef Steamed Buns

Korean BBQ Beef Steamed Buns

New food experiences are not always met with huge enthusiasm by the little person, as he is a creature of habit and likes to eat the same things. However, I can’t chastise him too much as I am exceptionally guilty of always eating the same main course in Wagamamas. It’s a fear factor, I don’t like trying some of their other dishes in case it doesn’t live up to my favourite dish and then I have food envy for the evening.

So, it was good to actually be forced to try some new additions to the menu and experiment. The evening we went to Wagamamas at Ocean Terminal we were served by an incredibly friendly waiter from Spain called Enrique. His advice was to try the  Korean BBQ beef and red onion, as well as the bang bang cauliflower.

The Korean BBQ beef steamed buns are described as two small fluffy Asian buns with Japanese mayonnaise and coriander, while the bang bang cauliflower is a burst of wok friend cauliflower served in a firecracker sauce with lots of delicious spring onions and a added refreshing flavour from the ginger.

The buns were light and the Korean beef stuffing was very nice, but a portion of two just didn’t seem enough when I had far too quickly agreed to share and after two bites they were gone! Enjoyable for sure, but have to say that the cauliflower for me was a winner. It’s one of those under estimated vegetables that I don’t feel gets much love apart from when we all revert to the comfort fish of cauliflower cheese, so it was great to see it on the menu and the spicy hit of the firecracker sauce was delicious.

Bang Bang Cauliflower

Bang Bang Cauliflower

This was all the perfect pre-amble to my favourite dish which I’m sure you have all been wondering what it is? Well a visit to Wagamama would not be complete without their prawn raisukaree, I just love this prawn curry dish served with red peppers and mange tout and plenty of curry sauce to soak up the rice – it is an absolute winner every time.

Although time was tight before the start of the movie we decided to try and squeeze in a pudding before we left and the banana katsu was quickly pushed through the order system. This amazing bowl of warm, crispy panko coated bananas came back with a serving of ice cream and the spoon sword fight began with all three of us trying to carve out our ‘fair share’ of the sweet, crunch bananas. If there is going to be another regular feature on our menu choices for future visits to Wagamamas it will be this for sure!

Banana katsu

Banana katsu


Ocean Terminal



There will also be a new restaurant opening on 10 April on St Andrew Square, Edinburgh.

Nicki dined at the invitation of Wagamama.

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